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The Crust Bucket food menu.
Welcome to the Crust Bucket. I've got snacks and drinks that'll increase your experience and cash flow when you battle! Just give me a ticket, and I'll hook you up with an item. What'll it be?
— Crusty Sean introducing the Crust Bucket

The Crust Bucket is a food truck owned and run by Crusty Sean in Splatoon 2. It is found in the center-right of Inkopolis Square.


The Crust Bucket is a food truck owned by Crusty Sean, where the player can buy a food or drink that will give them bonuses for the next twenty battles. Each food and drink requires a different Crust Bucket Ticket, which can be sourced in a variety of ways, such as bonuses from Salmon Run, collectables found in Octo Canyon's levels, and a vending machine in Octo Expansion.

Foods from the Crust Bucket boost the amount of Cash or level experience earned from multiplayer matches, while drinks increase both the chances of rolling a certain ability on gear when it attains enough experience and the amount of said experience it gets per match.

Only one food or drink may be active at one time. Buying a food or drink while still having match bonuses left will override the old bonuses with new ones, which Crusty Sean warns the player about.


The truck itself is yellow with a grey stripe on the bottom. The door and the side have the Crust Bucket logo. Next to the truck is a metal trash can and a chalkboard sign written in the Inkling language. The ventilation roof is open on the top, along with the server window, which Crusty Sean stands behind. In front of the window is a ledge which soda cans and water bottles are placed on. The truck itself is covered in various graffiti. On the window, a Squid Sisters sunshade is sprawled out like a map, possibly taped onto the truck.

List of items


Foods increase the amount of cash or level experience gained after every online battle (except Private Battles) for twenty matches. Despite being online, Salmon Run shifts do not gain any benefits from food or drink tickets and also do not count toward the 20 battles for the tickets.

  • Deep-Fried Shwaffle — increases the amount of cash awarded by 50%
  • Double-Fried Super Shwaffle — doubles the amount of cash rewarded
  • Triple-Fried Galactic Shwaffle — increases the amount of cash awarded by 150%
  • Crusty Seanwich — increases the amount of level experience points awarded by 50%
  • Super Seanwich — doubles the amount of level experience points awarded
  • Galactic Seanwich — increases the amount of level experience points awarded by 150%


The drinks menu.

All drinks increase the number of gear experience points awarded after an online match by 50% for twenty matches. In addition, each drink increases the chance that gear's sub ability slots are filled with the corresponding ability at the end of a match. Having a drink active gives its associated ability a 30% chance of being rolled regardless of a gear's Brand.[1] Drinks do not affect Murch's rerolling.[2]


Ticket Locations

  • Low-level food tickets can be found as hidden collectables in some Octo Canyon levels. Going back and collecting them again after they have already been collected once will award Power Eggs instead.
  • After Agent 4 has bought every upgrade available at the Ammo Knights Enhancifier, they will be able to exchange 1500 Power Eggs at it to get a random food ticket.
  • Completing a single Octo Canyon level with all nine hero weapons awards Agent 4 a random food ticket.
    • Similarly, completing every level in Octo Canyon with one of the hero weapons awards Agent 4 with a random food ticket.
  • Food and drink tickets can be randomly rewarded from Salmon Run bonus capsules, either in groups of one or three.
  • After completing the main storyline of the Octo Expansion, Agent 8 can earn and exchange up to ten mem medals at a Vending machine in the Deepsea Metro's Central Station, with food or drink tickets being given depending on how many medals have already been given to the machine.
    • The first medal awards one drink ticket.
    • The fifth medal awards three drink tickets.
    • The seventh medal awards one Galactic Seanwich food ticket.
    • The ninth medal awards one Triple-Fried Galactic Shwaffle food ticket.
    • The tenth and final medal awards fourteen drink tickets, one for each flavor.
  • If Agent 8 does not have any mem medals or has spent them all, they can instead exchange 15,000 C.Q. Points at the vending machine for a random item, which may be a food or drink ticket.

Table of Tickets and Locations

Location/Method Chance Type Food Drink
Fried Shwaffle

Cash Multiplier


Level XP Multiplier

All Drinks
Deep- (1.5x) Double- (2x) Triple- (2.5x) Crusty (1.5x) Super (2x) Galactic (2.5x)

Octo Canyon

Octozeppelin Invasion (Mission #3) Set
Ammo Knights Enhancifier when Fully Upgraded 1500 Power Eggs One Random
Finish a level with all weapons One Random
Finish all levels with a weapon One Random

Octo Expansion

Vending Machine Mem Medal #1 One Random
Mem Medal #2 Three Random
Mem Medal #7 Set
Mem Medal #9 Set
Mem Medal #10 One Each
15,000 CQ Points Possible One Random

Salmon Run

Blue Bonus Capsule 40% Chance One Random
10% Chance ThreeRandom


  • The Crust Bucket was first mentioned in the Russian translation of Squid Sisters Stories Chapter 3, where Callie and Marie meet Crusty Sean there.[3]
    • Also, it was called a café at the time, rather than a food truck.
  • The Crust Bucket resembles a Citroën H Van, a popular choice of vehicle for food trucks.
  • The music played in the Crust Bucket is Crusty Sean's variant of Lookin' Fresh by DJ Lee Fish, the same music played in his original store Shrimp Kicks in Splatoon.
  • The hanging menu displaying the drinks on the side of the Crust Bucket shows some drinks as having their icons from Splatoon.
  • The S2 Gear Clothing Crustwear XXL.png Crustwear XXL is a Crust Bucket-themed piece of clothing, adorned with various versions of its logo.
  • In one of the news quotes for Wahoo World, Pearl mentions that Crusty Sean has opened a shop in the food court there.[4] The shop can also be seen in the background of the stage.
  • The maximum amount of Crust Bucket tickets a player can have per menu item is 99.
  • Inside the Crust Bucket, there is the cover of a Turquoise October album.



Crust Bucket is a pun on Crusty Sean's rust bucket, which is a term for an old and dilapidated ship or car.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ロブズ・10・プラー
Robuzu Ten Purā
Crusty Sean's 10-Pura (Tempura)
Netherlands Dutch Pelles Octobus Crusty Sean's Octobus (from octo, bus, and octopus)
France French Crustassiette Crusty Plate
Germany German Shrimpy Snacks Shrimpy Snacks
Italy Italian Fritto e Rifritto Fried and Double Fried
Russia Russian Мак-да-рак
From McDonald's and рак rak (crayfish)
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Antofritos From antojito (snack) and frito (fried)
Spain Spanish (NOE) Fritoneta From fritos (fried food) and furgoneta (van)

Food and drinks

English Japanese Dutch French (NTSC) French (PAL) German Italian Russian Spanish (NTSC) Spanish (PAL)
Deep-Fried Shwaffle アゲホイップ
Age hoippu
(Gamba waffle)
Gauffre choco-crevette
(Chocolate-shrimp waffle)
Frittierte Gambawaffel Gaufrit Десерт «Бульжуй»
Desert «Bul'zhuy»
(Dessert "Bourgeois")
Torre Adolfrito
(Crusty Sean's Tower)
Gofre rebozado can nata
(Waffle battered with cream)
Double-Fried Super Shwaffle アゲホイップダブルワッフル
Age hoippu daburu waffuru
Gambawafel deluxe
(Gamba waffle deluxe)
Double gauffre choco-crevette
(Double chocolate-shrimp waffle)
Doppelfrittierte Gambawaffel Gaufrit doppio deluxe Десерт «Криллионер»
Desert «Krillioner»
(Dessert "Krillionaire")
Torre Adolfrito doble
(Double Crusty Sean's Tower)
Supergofre rebozado con nata
(Superwaffle battered with cream)
Triple-Fried Galactic Shwaffle アゲホイップダブルクロス
Age hoippu daburu kurosu
Gambawafel superdeluxe
(Gamba waffle super-deluxe)


Десерт «Криллиардер»
Desert «Krilliarder»

(Desser "Brillionaire")

Torre Adolfrito triple
(Triple Crusty Sean's Tower)
Crusty Seanwich ロブサンド
Robu sando
Aardappel à la Pelle
(Potato à la Crusty Sean)
Sandwich crevette
(Shrimp sandwich)
Shrimpy Sandwich Frit-burger Хрустящий креветкоброт
Khrustyashchiy krevetkobrot
(Crunchy shrimp)
Super Seanwich グランドロブサンド
Gurando robu sando
Hotdog à la Pelle
(Hotdog à la Crusty Sean)
Super sandwich crevette
(Super shrimp sandwich)
Sandwich crevette XL
(Shrimp sandwich XL)
Super-Shrimpy Sandwich Frit-dog deluxe Двойной креветкоброт
Dvoynoy krevetkobrot
(Double shrimp)
Encamaronado doble
(Double "Shrimped")
Fritoperrito XL
(Friedog XL)
Galactic Seanwich ギャラクシーロブサンド
Gyarakushī robu sando
Hotdog XL à la Pelle
(Hotdog XL à la Crusty Sean)


Тройной креветкоброт
Troynoy krevetkobrot
(Triple shrimp)
Encamaronado triple
(Triple "Shrimped")
Main-Saver Lemon メインセーブレモン
Mein sēbu remon
(Main save lemon)
(Main coffee)
Jus de citron écoprincipale
(Eco-main lemon juice)
Jus de citron éco-principale
(Eco-main lemon juice)
(Main saving soda)
Eco-cola principale
(Main eco-cola)
Лимонный Основец
Limonnyy Osnovets
(Lemon base)
Batido ahorrador principal
(Main saver shake)
Limonada ecoprincipal
(Ecomain Lemonade)
Sub-Saver Berry サブセーブベリー
Sabu sēbu berī
(Sub save berry)
(Sub saver juice)
Jus de framboise écosecondaire
(Eco-secondary raspberry juice)
Jus de framboise éco-secondaire
(Eco-secondary raspberry juice)
(Secondary saving berry juice)
Eco-cola secondaria
(Secondary eco-cola)
Виноградный Запасун
Vinogradnyy Zapasun
(Grape reserve)
Batido ahorrador secundario
(Secondary saver shake)
Zumo de mora ecosecundario
(Ecosub blackberry Juice)
Ink-Charge Melon インクチャージメロン
Inku chāji meron
(Ink charge melon)
(Fill mix)
Jus de melon réservoire plein
(Reservoir full melon juice)
(Pick-me-up melon juice)
Succo de recu-pera
(Recover-pear juice)
Арбузный Быструх
Arbuznyy Bystrukh

(Watermelon speed)

Melón recargador
(Recharger melon)
Batido de melón recargatinta
(Ink-refill melon smoothie)
Run-Speed Tomato ヒトダッシュトマト
Hito dasshu tomato
(Human dash tomato)
(Run lemonade)
Jus de tomate sprint
(Sprint tomato juice)
(Sprinter tomato juice)
Gassosa a tutto gas
(Full throttle soda)
Томатная Спринта
Tomatnaya Sprinta
(Sprint tomato)
Tomate acelerador
(Accelerator tomato)
Zumo de tomato maratoniano
(Marathon tomato juice)
Swim-Speed Apple イカダッシュアップル
Ika dasshu appuru
(Squid dash apple)
(Swim smoothie)
Jus de pomme natation
(Swimming apple juice)
(Lightning swimmer apple juice)
Chinotto pro nuoto
(Pro Swimming Chinotto)
Яблочный Плавун
Yablochnyy Plavun
(Apple floater)
Manzana nadadora
(Swimmer apple)
Zumo de manzana nadador
(Swimmer apple juice)
Special-Charge Shake スペシャルチャージラムネ
Supesharu Chāji Ramune
(Special Charge Ramune)
Sinas speciaal
(Orange soda special)
Lait frappé recharge spéciale
(Special refill milkshake)
Smoothie recharge spécial
(Special refill smoothie)
(Special fix shake)
Succo ricarica speciale
(Special refill juice)
Насосная Шипучка
Nasosnaya Shipuchka
(Pumping pop)
Licuado especial sobrecargado
(Supercharged special smoothie)
Gaseosa de supercarga
(Supercharged soda)
Special-Saver Latte スペシャルセーブラテ
Supesharu sēbu rate
(Special save latte)
(Special slushie)
Latte baisse minime
(Minimal decrease latte)
(Special keeper milk coffee)
Spuma salva-speciale
(Special-saving foam)
Резервный Латте
Rezervnyy Latte
(Reserve latte)
Capuchino antirreductor
(Anti-reducing cappuccino)
Café con leche ecoespecial
(Eco-special milk coffee)
Special-Up Smoothie スペシャルアップサイダー
Supesharu appu saidā
(Special-up cider)
(Specialist soda)
Frappé aux fruits spéciale +
(Special fruit smoothie +)
Limonade spécial +
(Special lemonade +)
(Special power smoothie)
Integratore speciale
(Special supplement)
Лимонад «Особый»
Limonad «Osobyy»
(Lemonade "Special")
Licuado superespecial
(Super-special smoothie)
Refresco extraespecial
(Extra-special soda)
Short-Respawn Mocha ショートリスタートモカ
Shōto risutāto moka
(Short restart mocha)
(Comeback cola)
Moka retour rapide
(Mocha quick return)
Mocha retour rapide
(Mocha quick return)
(Comeback mocha)
Espresso Gran Ritorno
(Great Return Espresso)
Мокка Феникс
Mokka Feniks
(Phoenix mocha)
Café con leche reanimador
(Resuscitating latte)
Café expreso reanimador
(Resuscitating espresso)
Quick-Jump Orange ショートジャンプオレンジ
Shōto jampu orenji
(Short jump orange)
(Turbo tonic water)
Jus d'orange saut éclair
(Quick jump orange juice)
(Bounce orange juice)
Tonica salti tonici
(Toned jump tonic)
Апельсиновый Прыг
Apel'sinovyy Pryg
(Orange jump)
Naranja saltarín
(Jumping orange)
Refresco de naranja saltarín
(Jumping orange soda)
Sub-Up Juice サブアップウォーター
Sabu appu wōtā
(Sub-up water)
(Sub top cassis)
Eau minérale secondaire +
(Secondary mineral water +)
Eau minerale secondaire +
(Secondary mineral water +)
(Secondary power water)
Integratore secondario
(Secondary supplement)
Вода Про-Запас
Voda Pro-Zapas
(Pro-reserve water)
Agua mineral supersecundaria
(Super-secondary mineral water)
Agua mineral extrasecundaria
(Extra-secondary mineral water)
Ink-Shoe Grape カンジキグレープ
Kanjiki gurēpu
(Snowshoe grape)
(Ink drink)
Jus de raisin semelles-buvards
(Grape juice blotter soles)
Jus de raisin semelles-buvard
(Grape juice blotter soles)
(Immune power grape juice)
Aranciata salvascarpe
(Shoe saver orange)
Ягодный Краскостой
Yagodnyy Kraskostoy
(Paintbrush berry)
Uva antitinta
(Anti-ink grape)
Refresco de uva repletinta
(Ink-repel grape Soda)
Blast-Armor Peach バーストアーマーピーチ
Bāsuto āmā pīchi
(Burst armor peach)
(Bomb tea)
Jus de pêche anti-explosions
(Explosion-proof peach juice)
(Anti-exploding peach juice)
Granatina antiesplosione
(Anti-explosion grenadine)
Персиковый Бомбостой
Persikovyy Bombostoy
(Bomber peach)
Durazno protector
(Protective peach)
Zumo de melocotón antiexplosivo
(Anti-explosion peach juice)
Blast-Armor Peacocoa バーストアーマーピーチココア
Bāsuto āmā pīchi kokoa
(Burst armor peach cocoa)
(Bomb bubble tea)
(Anti explosives Peach Cocoa)
Mark-Shaker Cocoa マークショートココア
Māku shōto kokoa
(Mark short cocoa)
(Jam shake)
Eau de cacao furtivité
(Stealth coconut water)
Eau de coco furtivité
(Stealth coconut water)
(Camo cocoa)
Mate anti-spiate
(Anti-spy mate)
(Lurker cocoa)
Chocolate antirrastreo
(Anti-tracking chocolate)
Main-Up Guava メインアップグァバ
Mein appu guaba
(Main up guava)
(Main weapon nectar)

(Main bonus guava juice)

Гуавный Про-Основец
Guavny Pro-Osnovets

(Guava pro-base)

Guayaba superprincipal
(Super-main guava)

See also


  1. The true effect of drink tickets
  2. YouTube Do Drinks Work When Rerolling? (ft. Kaylanime)
  3. Squid Sisters Stories chapter 3. Кэлли нашла Мари в кафе «Мак-да-рак». Translates to "Callie met Marie at Crust Bucket café."
  4. Wahoo World/Quotes Wahoo World Off the Hook Quote #3