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The Arcade Machine in Splatoon.

The Arcade Machine offers retro-style minigames in Splatoon and Splatoon 2, all played on the GamePad in Splatoon. They can be played in the Lobby for online battles as well as accessed on their own via the physical Arcade Machine in Inkopolis Plaza and Inkopolis Square.

When a minigame is interrupted by a battle, the player's current progress is saved automatically and can be continued next time. However, progress is not saved when Splatoon itself is closed; upon starting the game again, minigames are reset to their first level.

In Splatoon, there are four minigames in total: Squid Jump, Squid Racer, Squidball, and Squid Beatz. Only Squid Jump is unlocked by default, with the other three given as rewards for defeating The Ravenous Octomaw! in amiibo challenges.

Judd's Advice
Meow! (While waiting for players to join, you can play minigames on Wiiu-gamepad-icon.png. It can make a nice change from all that intense battling!)


The Arcade Machine features four different minigames in total, with all the amiibo challenges completed.

Squid Jump

Squid Jump

Squid Jump (Japanese: イカジャンプ ika janpu) is the first of these games, and was the only game playable in the Splatoon Global Testfire.

This game has the player make a squid jump from platform to platform, holding down the Button1 ZR.png button for longer to get a higher jump and using the Button1 RS.png or the Button1 DPad.png to move. To prevent the player from staying still for too long, purple ink will chase them after a certain amount of time. As the stages progress, different types of platform are added: ice (which is slippery), clouds (which move back and forth), and conveyor belts (which come in multiple speeds and move a squid resting on one). The game has 25 stages and after every ten, the background changes, the score per stage is doubled and a checkpoint is saved. The player has three lives. Once they have lost all of their lives they can choose to either restart the game or go back to the last checkpoint. The fish makes the player jump immediately upon contact. The Jellyfish lets them jump once in the middle of the air; they cannot jump in the air again until they either land on the ground or pick up another Jellyfish. The starfish increases the player's acceleration, both from jumps and from gravity; this means that picking it up usually means that the squid will immediately begin falling faster, but if the squid is jumping upward while the star's effect wears off, the result can be an extremely high jump. The player gets an extra life every 10,000 points.

Squid Racer

Squid Racer

The second game is Squid Racer (Japanese: イカレース ika rēsu), which is unlocked by the Inkling Boy Amiibo

This minigame is a race between the player, as a white squid, and their blue jellyfish foes. The aim is to reach the end of the map before time runs out, avoiding touching the jellyfish and the sides of the stage, which slow the player down. The Button1 RS.png or the Button1 DPad.png is used to steer, Button1 ZR.png is used for accelerating and Button1 ZL.png for drifting. While the player drifts, they cannot change direction, but steering still causes the player's squid to rotate. Releasing it shoots the player's squid in the direction it faces. Holding the Button1 ZR.png button during the second half of when the number 2 appears during the countdown triggers a starting boost very similar to the rocket start in the Mario Kart series.

There are thirty stages and after every five stages is a checkpoint. Every track has a time limit. Once time runs out, the player will lose a life. The player gets three lives, with additional lives being earned every 10,000 points. Once they have lost all their lives, they can continue from the last checkpoint reached, or restart from the beginning. While the player gets a bonus to their score based on both their time and how many jellyfish they beat to the end, it's not necessary to place to proceed. The red fish gives the player a speed boost. The Zapfish lets the player swallow jellyfish by touching them, making the squid larger and faster. The green sunfish dramatically increases the player's turning speed while drifting. The player can benefit from only one power-up at a time, so it can sometimes be advantageous to avoid picking one up so as not to replace a more useful one.



The third game is Squidball (Japanese: イカボール ika bōru), which is unlocked by the Inkling Girl amiibo. There are thirty stages in it.

In this game, the player (a squid) has to hit the Jellyfish on the other side of the net with a ball (shaped like a Zapfish) to score points. The mechanics are similar to volleyball, with a bump, set, and spike. First, the squid is stuck to the ground and can move using the Button1 RS.png stick or the Button1 DPad.png and can only bounce the ball upward (at an angle based on where on the squid the ball struck) by letting the ball bounce off it. Second, the player must press Button1 ZR.png to jump, then press Button1 ZR.png while touching the ball to hit it, or the player can continue to hold the Button1 ZR.png from jumping to hitting the ball to hit it. The angle of the ball changes with the direction held when launching it, which can be either neutral, back or forward. The player must spike the ball for it to count; a ball immediately bounced over the net will pass through the jellyfish harmlessly.

The player gets three balls per stage: one small, one medium, and one large. If the specified number of targets is not reached with all three balls, the game is over and the player can restart from either the beginning or the last checkpoint. After every five stages is a checkpoint. Each stage has a fixed number of points awarded for completing it, with bonus points awarded for having balls in reserve or exceeding the required number of hits.

In addition to jellyfish, other creatures can appear on the far side of the net. Starfish are just like jellyfish, but one starfish is worth three jellyfish. Green sunfish burst into fragments when hit, and the fragments can hit other creatures. Sea urchins are obstacles: a small ball will be stopped completely, a medium ball will destroy the urchin but will itself be destroyed, and a large ball will destroy the urchin and keep going, but with greatly diminished momentum.

Squid Beatz

Squid Beatz

The last minigame is Squid Beatz (Japanese: イカラジオ ika rajio), which is unlocked by the Inkling Squid amiibo.

This game is a music player featuring all 31 tracks from Splatoon and is also a standard rhythm game. Button1 ZL.png switches between no game, normal mode, and hard mode, and Button1 ZR.png is the play/pause switch. The player has to press the control pad and buttons represented on the line at the bottom at the correct time to turn the Jellyfish into yellow rabbits. The player can press any direction on the Button1 DPad.png (or Button1 L.png) when a control pad icon shows up, or Button1 A.png, Button1 B.png, Button1 X.png, Button1 Y.png or Button1 R.png when an icon representing the buttons shows up, to play the song correctly in tune, but there is no penalty and risk of losing rabbits if the player presses any of the aforementioned buttons.

Each of the buttons has two different sounds depending on whether the normal or hard mode is selected.

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Left on Button1 DPad.png Button1 A.png Down on Button1 DPad.png Button1 B.png Up on Button1 DPad.png Button1 X.png Right on Button1 DPad.png Button1 Y.png Button1 L.png Button1 R.png
Normal a Japanese sounding drum a a Japanese sounding drum A female Inkling voice clip A male Inkling voice clip a cymbal a light cymbal, or bell a clap a clap A diminuendo Inkling chant a crescendo Inkling chant
Hard a lower sounding drum a higher sounding drum a electronic sounding drum beat an electronic sounding drum beat similar to a hi-hat cymbal similar to a crash cymbal a drum beat a drum beat similar to a high sounding crash cymbal similar to a low sounding crash crash cymbal

While waiting for a match to start, Bob Dub's Dubble Bath is the default song played. By pressing Button1 ZL.png and Button1 ZR.png at the same time, any selected song can be played as if one was using the arcade machine.

Squid Beatz was updated in Version 2.0.0 to include the four new tracks added and their information.

It is the only game not to have a numbered scoring system - instead, it uses yellow rabbit-type creatures to track the score. It is also the only game not to save progress between matches.

List of tracks

Track number Track Artist
1 Splattack! Squid Squad
2 Ink or Sink Squid Squad
3 Seaskape Squid Squad
4 Kraken Up Squid Squad
5 Metalopod Squid Squad
6 Now or Never! Squid Squad
7 Battle Victory
8 Battle Defeat
9 Cap'n Cuttlefish's Theme
10 Octo Valley
11 Eight-Legged Advance Turquoise October
12 Tentacular Circus Turquoise October
13 Cephaloparade Turquoise October
14 Inkstrike Shuffle Turquoise October
15 Octoling Rendezvous Turquoise October
16 Octoweaponry Turquoise October
17 I am Octavio DJ Octavio
18 Calamari Inkantation Squid Sisters
19 Sunken Scroll
20 City of Color Squid Sisters
21 Ink Me Up Squid Sisters
22 Now or Never! Squid Sisters
23 Maritime Memory Squid Sisters
24 Inkopolis News
25 Lookin' Fresh DJ Lee Fish
26 Lobby
27 Dubble Bath Bob Dub
28 Shellfie Chirpy Chips
29 Split & Splat Chirpy Chips
30 Hooked Hightide Era
31 Sucker Punch Hightide Era

All text is stylised in capitals in Squid Beatz.

Splatoon 2

The Arcade Machine in Splatoon 2.

In Splatoon 2, there is only one arcade game, Squid Beatz 2. As the sequel to Squid Beatz, it is also a rhythm game in which the player presses buttons to the beat of songs from Splatoon 2.

Tracks 1 through 8, 27 through 30, and 43 through 54 are available from start; 35 through 42, and 55 through 57 are unlocked by amiibo; the rest are unlocked after they have been heard in-game for the first time.

Registering the Pearl Pearl and Marina Marina amiibo as a supporter and fulfilling certain requirements will allow the player to unlock new themes for Squid Beatz 2.

List of tracks

Track Unlock condition Max score (normal) Max score (hard)
1. Inkoming! - Wet Floor - 155 325
2. Rip Entry - Wet Floor - 136 277
3. Undertow - Wet Floor - 124 291
4. Don't Slip - Wet Floor - 121 271
5. Endolphin Surge - Wet Floor - 202 426
6. Now or Never! - Wet Floor - 122 219
7. Turf Master - Wet Floor - 45 82
8. Ink Another Day - Wet Floor - 27 27
9. Low Tide - 55 93
10. Octo Canyon - Turquoise October - 49 92
11. Octo Eight-Step - Turquoise October - 112 225
12. The Girl from Inkopolis - Turquoise October - 89 234
13. Buoyant Boogie - Turquoise October - 93 156
14. Shooting Starfish - Turquoise October - 127 313
15. Octarmaments - Turquoise October - 145 371
16. Bomb Rush Blush - DJ Octavio feat. Callie - 230 402
17. Tidal Rush - DJ Octavio feat. Callie vs. Marie - 235 402
18. Spicy Calamari Inkantation - Squid Sisters - 293 544
19. Fresh Start - Squid Sisters - 238 394
20. Color Pulse - Off the Hook - 158 256
21. Ebb & Flow - Off the Hook - 141 219
22. Acid Hues - Off the Hook - 149 331
23. Muck Warfare - Off the Hook - 169 333
24. Now or Never! - Off the Hook - 132 203
25. Fest Zest - Off the Hook - 46 64
26. Party's Over - Off the Hook - 22 30
27. Inkopolis News - Off the Hook - 28 50
28. New You - DJ Real Sole - 143 326
29. Without a Dop Doubt - 60 119
30. Double Bath (DIY Remix) - Bob Dub - 47 96
31. Happy Little Workers - Grizzco Industries - 91 166
32. Deluge Dirge - ω-3 - 117 339
33. Fishing Frenzy - ω-3 - 140 333
34. Ever Further - Grizzco Industries - 45 108
35. Splattack! - Squid Squad Final reward from Inkling Boy amiibo 280 528
36. Seaskape - Squid Squad Final reward from Inkling Boy 2 amiibo 140 278
37. Shellfie - Chirpy Chips Final reward from Inkling Girl amiibo 147 226
38. Split & Splat - Chirpy Chips Final reward from Inkling Girl 2 amiibo 146 321
39. Hooked - Hightide Era Final reward from Inkling Squid amiibo 223 285
40. Sucker Punch - Hightide Era Final reward from Inkling Squid 2 amiibo 206 338
41. Bomb Rush Blush - Callie Final reward from Callie amiibo 96 178
42. Tide Goes Out - Marie Final reward from Marie amiibo 85 175
43. Shipwreckin' - Bottom Feeders - 167 358
44. Fins & Fiddles - Bottom Feeders - 132 253
45. Seafoam Shanty - Bottom Feeders - 332 529
46. Broken Coral - Ink Theory - 150 201
47. Riptide Rupture - Ink Theory - 266 299
48. Blitz It! - Chirpy Chirps - 141 299
49. Wave Prism - Chirpy Chirps - 199 318
50. Frantic Aspic - ω-3 - 150 323
51. Seasick - Diss-Pair - 168 450
52. Kinetosis - Diss-Pair - 186 304
53. Chopscrewey - SashiMori - 150 326
54. Entropical - SashiMori - 194 311
55. #5 thirsty - Dedf1sh Final reward from Octoling Girl amiibo 116 234
56. #9 party - Dedf1sh Final reward from Octoling Boy amiibo 89 157
57. #14 crush - Dedf1sh Final reward from Octoling Octopus amiibo 128 161
80. Nasty Majesty - Off the Hook - 179 316
81. Shark Bytes - Off the Hook - 197 339
82. Splattack! (Octo) - Dedf1sh - 297 666
83. Fly Octo Fly ~ Ebb & Flow (Octo) - Off the Hook - 318 550
84. Into the Light - Off the Hook - 285 499


  • Squid Beatz and its sequel, Squid Beatz 2, are based on the Bandai Namco rhythm game series Taiko no Tatsujin.
  • Jellyfish have featured in some way in each of Splatoon's arcade games.
  • The rabbits in Squid Beatz are likely a reference to an early stage of Splatoon's development wherein the protagonists were to be humanoid rabbits.
  • The art for each of the four games parodies that of NES games from popular studios. Squid Racer's artwork is based on Irem's titles, Squid Beatz' is based on Namco's, and Squid Ball's is based on those of Nintendo.
  • The Arcade Machine is also featured in Ancho-V Games, with four individual machines throughout the stage. Unlike the one in Inkopolis Plaza, they cannot be interacted with.
  • Ancho-V Games is said to have developed Squid Beatz.[1]
    • Several official sources also cite them as the developers of Squid Beatz 2.[2]
  • The red fish from the minigames are similar to Cheep Cheeps found in Mario games.
  • To be able to play the final boss music tracks, I am Octavio and Calamari Inkantation, as well as the one from the credits (Maritime Memory), the player must first beat DJ Octavio in Enter the Octobot King!.
  • There is no reward for completing any of the minigames. Once the player has passed all of the stages in one of them, a sign saying "Congratulations!" will pop up and the game will reset to the first level.
  • The squid is always white in the games. White squids are not seen anywhere else in Splatoon with an exception of three Splatfests - Lemon Tea vs. Milk Tea, Mayo vs. Ketchup and Chicken vs. Egg.
  • In Splatoon 2, arcade machines featuring the artwork from Squid Jump, Squid Ball, and Squid Racer can be seen inside the Shoal when looking in from outside the entrance.
  • In Squid Beatz 2, songs from the Octo Expansion go out of order and start at 80, following the prominent theming of the number 8 in the Octo Expansion. However, the Dedf1sh songs unlocked through the Octoling amiibo do not follow this pattern.
  • In Splatoon 2, when going to Murch in Inkopolis Square, the sound effects of Squid Jump can be heard from his phone. After moving the camera, however, it is seen that the screen of the phone is blank.
  • In Squid Beatz 2, in the arcade machine and in the title screen, the title "Ika Radio 2" can be seen. 'Ika' in Japanese means squid.
    • This is also referenced in the Japanese name for Squid Beatz 2.


Names in other languages

Squid Jump

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese イカジャンプ
ika janpu
Squid Jump
FlagFrance.svg French Saute-qui-peut Jump-who-can
FlagGermany.svg German Squid Jump Squid jump
FlagItaly.svg Italian Saltaseppia Jumping Cuttlefish
FlagSpain.svg Spanish Brincalamar Jumpsquid

Squid Racer

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese イカレース
ika rēsu
Squid Race
FlagFrance.svg French Sprint-qui-peut Race-who-can
FlagItaly.svg Italian Turboseppia Turbo Cuttlefish
FlagSpain.svg Spanish A toda tinta Full Ink


Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese イカボール
ika bōru
Squid Ball
FlagFrance.svg French Swing-qui-peut Swing-who-can
FlagItaly.svg Italian Seppiavolo Cuttlefishball
FlagMexico.svg Spanish (NOA) Sepiabol Cuttlefishball
FlagSpain.svg Spanish (NOE) Chipivóley Cuttle-volley

Squid Beatz

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese イカラジオ
ika rajio
Squid Radio
FlagItaly.svg Italian Radio Seppia Cuttlefish Radio
FlagSpain.svg Spanish Jibia FM Cuttlefish FM

Squid Beatz 2

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese イカラジオ2
ika rajio 2
Squid Radio 2