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This article includes spoilers regarding Splatoon's story.

Cap'n Cuttlefish
Capn cuttlefish transparent.png

Species Inkling
Hair Color Off-white/Faded orange
Eye Color
Age Over 100
Gender Male
Location Octo Valley,
Inkopolis Plaza

This unreasonably attractive gentleman goes by the name of Cap'n Cuttlefish. He’s a decorated hero who fought in the Great Turf Wars of legend between the Inklings and Octarians. He now keeps solemn vigil over Octo Valley, watching for any fishy behavior. Though his clothes may be tattered, his heart is pure and nothing escapes his razor-sharp gaze. He also TOTALLY didn’t write this post.

Cap'n Cuttlefish (Japanese: アタリメ司令 Atarime Shirei) is a main character in Splatoon, and the only known Inkling older than 21 years old. He acts as a guide for the protagonist, issuing them the Hero Suit and title of Agent 3 in Octo Valley. He is also the grandfather of Callie and Marie.


Prior to the ultimate end of the Great Turf War, Cap'n Cuttlefish served as leader of a division called the Squidbeak Splatoon alongside Ammoses Shellendorf, Judd, and two unidentified Inkling soldiers. It is unknown what he did between the end of the war and the beginning of Splatoon, but he seems to have changed little.


Cap'n Cuttlefish can be found poking his head out of a manhole in the corner of Inkopolis Plaza. On the first time the player arrives at Cuttlefish's shack in Octo Valley, he introduces himself and recruits the player as Agent 3 to help take back the Great Zapfish from the Octarians. He provides assistance throughout the levels, until the completion of The Rampaging Octowhirl!, where he gets kidnapped by DJ Octavio. Agents 1 and 2 take over his role, until the final mission, where Agent 3 battles DJ Octavio to rescue Cap'n Cuttlefish, who is tied up in a chair. During the 4th phase, the Squid Sisters override the boss music, allowing Cuttlefish to set himself free.

Replaying the final mission results in new dialogue, describing how DJ Octavio escaped from his globe and recaptured Cap'n Cuttlefish.

Splatoon 2

In Splatoon 2, Marie takes over the role of Agent 4's guide / mentor. Sunken Scroll number 25 reveals Cap'n Cuttlefish went off travelling with Agent 3 for some kind of research trip "at the cape".

Octo Expansion

Jelonzot.png Fuuuuuture!

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He will reappear in the Octo Expansion pack, once again providing the role as the guide to Agent 8. In the expansion, he wears a green tracksuit, and his cap is white and worn backwards. He also has square headphones around his neck.

Personality and traits

Cap'n Cuttlefish is a decorated hero who fought in the Great Turf Wars of legend between the Inklings and Octarians. He now keeps solemn vigil over Octo Valley, watching for any fishy behavior. Though his clothes may be tattered, his heart is pure and nothing escapes his razor-sharp gaze.[1]

Cap'n Cuttlefish's favorite food is crab cakes(NA)/biscuits(EU/OC), as pointed out both by himself and Agents 1 and 2. He is often distracted by them, giving DJ Octavio the chance to escape from his snow globe prison.


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Add all North American quotes before and after defeating DJ Octavio edit

Pressing Button1 A.png in front of Cap'n Cuttlefish in Octo Valley will prompt a short piece of dialogue from him.

FlagEurope.svg Europe and Oceania

Before defeating DJ Octavio

After defeating DJ Octavio

  • "Ah, Agent 3! Are you doing well in the Turf Wars?"
  • "Ain't I just the freshest feller you ever saw?"
  • "If you have trouble in the field, remember my Rules of Battle!"
  • "Agents 1 and 2 are busy with a mission. ...What was it again?
  • "We need to keep the theft of the Zapfish a secret, OK?"
  • "They used to call me the Great Bluefin Cuttlefish, you know!"
  • "The wind... is blowing."
  • "Why yes, Agents 1 and 2 are my grandkids. Didn't I mention?"
  • "With DJ Octavio here, the Zapfish won't be stolen again!"
  • "...............................................................Oops! I fell asleep!

FlagJapan.svg Japan

Before defeating DJ Octavio

  • 「街の若いのは、デンチナマズがぬすまれとる、 っちゅう話を 信じてくれんのじゃ…」
(None of the kids in the city believe Zapfish are getting stolen…)
  • 「デンチナマズを集めて、 オオデンチナマズを 取り戻すんじゃ!」
(Gather the Zapfish, and take back the Great Zapfish!)
  • 「ハイカラシティに落ちたUFOは まさしく オクタリアンのモノじゃ」
(The crashed UFO in Inkopolis is definitely the Octarians'.)
  • 「ヒーロースーツ… よく似合っておる」
(The Hero Suit… it really suits you.)
  • 「3号を見とると、 孫を思い出すわィ」
(Agent 3, you remind me of my grandkids.)
  • 「こう見えても昔、 戦場ではブイブイ言わせたもんじゃ」
(I don't look like it now, but I was great on the battlefield way back when.)
  • 「ワシはもうトシじゃから インクがたまらんのじゃ… おヌシのように、 みなぎる若さが 欲しいのゥ」
(I'm too old to regenerate Ink… Wish I were young like you.)
  • 「暖かいのゥ… 絶好の 天日干し日和じゃ」
(It's a warm day… perfect for drying things in the sun.)
  • 「………………………………………………… …おぉ、 ねとったわィ」
(……………………………………………………Oops, I was asleep.)
  • Button1 ZL.pngダッシュして ジャンプ、もぐって かくれる… インクを上手く Button1 ZR.png塗ることが 勝利への近道じゃ」
(Button1 ZL.png Swim and jump, dive and hide… Skillful Inking with Button1 ZR.png is the quickest way to victory.)

After defeating DJ Octavio

  • 「オクタリアンにデンチナマズを うばわれとった事… ワシらだけの秘密じゃ」
(The fact that Octarians took the Zapfish is… just between us.)
  • 「DJタコワサ将軍が ここに居るからには もうデンチナマズは ぬすまれんじゃろ」
(As long as DJ Octavio is here, I guess the Zapfish won't be getting stolen anymore.)
  • 「3号よ、ナワバリバトルに はげんでおるか?」
(Agent 3, are you doing well in your Turf Wars?)
  • 「バトルで困ったら 「戦場の鉄則」を 思い出すんじゃ」
(If you get cornered in a Turf War, remember the "Rule of the Battlefield".)
  • 「1号と2号はイカにも、ワシの孫じゃ ………言っとらんかったかいの?」
(Agents 1 and 2 are actually my grandkids. ………Did I tell you that already?)
  • 「1号2号は 仕事がいそがしいらしいからのゥ ………してきゃつらの仕事は何じゃ?」
(Agents 1 and 2 seem busy with their jobs. ………Wait, what are their jobs?)
  • 「こう見えても昔、 戦場では ブイブイ言わせたもんじゃ」
(I don't look like it now, but I was great on the battlefield way back when.)
  • 「この服か? ビンテージっちゅうんじゃ せくしーじゃろ?」
(These clothes? They're vintage, aren't they sexy?)
  • 「風が……ふいておる」
(The wind…… is blowing.)
  • 「………………………………………………… …おぉ、 ねとったわィ」
(……………………………………………………Oops, I was asleep.)


  • In the main hub of Octo Valley, the player can ink Cap'n Cuttlefish; he will eventually shake off the ink. However, it takes a considerable amount of ink to completely cover him, though, suggesting that he may be more resilient than the average Inkling, despite his age and frail appearance.
  • His cane is one of many Bamboozlers used by Inkling soldiers in the Great Turf War. However, he has never been seen to use it for its original purpose in-game, only as a cane. Interestingly, he is shown to be using it in a credits art.
  • On the corner of his shack, Cap'n Cuttlefish has taped up two small photographs of his grandchildren, one of Callie and one of Marie.
  • His shack appears to be filled books and zapfish dolls, along with pictures of octarians in the front.
  • During the initial tour of Inkopolis upon starting the game for the first time, he is referred to as a "creepy old dude".
  • The Legendary Cap is modeled after Cap'n Cuttlefish's signature hat.
  • In the Octo Expansion trailer, he is seen saying "I'll take your stunned silence as a YES!" to Agent 8. This mirrors S2 Icon Marie.png Marie's "I'll take your awkward silence as a yes." to Agent 4, which in turn mirrored Cuttlefish's own "I'll take your silence to mean, 'Yes, of course I'll help!' " to Agent 3.



Splatoon 2

Octo Expansion

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese アタリメ司令
Commander Atarime (atarime is Japanese slang for dried shredded cuttlefish)
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Kapitein Kraak Captain Kraken
FlagFrance.svg French Amiral Macalamar Admiral Macalamar (Macalamar comes from squid, calamar)
FlagGermany.svg German Käpt'n Kuttelfisch Cap'n Cuttlefish
FlagItaly.svg Italian Capitan Seppia Captain Cuttlefish
FlagRussia.svg Russian Капитан Кальмостар*
Kapitan Kal'mostar
Капитан Каракатица*
Kapitan Karakatitsa
From кальмар kal'mar, squid, with the title captain added

Captain Cuttlefish
FlagSpain.svg Spanish Capitán Jibión Captain Cuttlebone

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