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File:S3 Render Smallfry.png
Smallfry in Splatoon 3
Species Salmonid (Smallfry)
Hair color Red
Eye color Red with black pupils and yellow sclera
Location The Splatlands, Splatsville, The Crater, Alterna, Inkopolis Plaza
Maximum HP
Other forms
This article is about the character from Splatoon 3's story mode. For the type of Salmonid this character belongs to, see Smallfry (species).

Smallfry is a Salmonid of the eponymous type that accompanies the player in Splatoon 3. It assists the player in the single-player campaign Return of the Mammalians, being able to be thrown at enemies to cause damage, distract enemies, and activate various mechanics, such as Inkrails, Propellers, and Ink Switches. It is unaffected by Fuzzy Ooze and can eat it to clean it up if fed with enough Power Eggs.


As a Smallfry, it is the smallest type of Salmonid. It is distinguished from the enemy Smallfry by its completely gray skin, customizable hairstyle, lack of a spoon, and dark green pants.


Early life

File:S3 scroll08.png
Sunken Scroll 8 depicting Smallfry.

Smallfry is a very rare case of a young Salmonid which strayed too far from their original school during a run and became lost. They met the soon-to-be Agent 3, who makes a living by hunting for scraps. With Smallfry being able to eat about anything, they work together with Agent 3 out of a shared motivation.


Smallfry can be thrown like a sub weapon in certain stages. If it directly hits an enemy or destructible object, it will deal consecutive damage to it over time. Otherwise, it will distract nearby enemies so they will attack Smallfry instead of the player; this allows for opportunities to attack troublesome enemies such as Shielded Octotroopers. If Smallfry takes too much damage, it will be splatted and the player must wait until it respawns to use it again.

Smallfry can be recalled using the "This Way!" command or by trying to use it as a Sub weapon when it is not already on the player's back. It will also automatically return to the player after a short time, upon falling off the stage, or if the player moves too far away from it.

Smallfry's attributes can be upgraded with Upgrade Points, allowing it to deal more damage and take more damage before being splatted as well as reducing the amount of ink needed to throw it.

A large red exclamation point may sometimes appear over Smallfry's head when it is near a loot anchor (including those that are invisible). If this happens, it will run toward the loot anchor and begin to glow with a yellow light while bouncing next to it, alerting the player to its presence.

Smallfry can consume Fuzzballs, destroying Fuzzy Ooze connected to them. Each Fuzzball requires a specific number of Power Eggs to eliminate, which can be seen by pressing down on the right stick while in Alterna. For the Fuzzballs found aboard the Spirit Lifter, Golden Eggs are required instead.

During the last phase of the final boss, Smallfry transforms into "Hugefry", a gigantic chum salmon.

In the manga series

In Splatoon 3: Splatlands, Smallfry is a minor character who follows Braid around while she practices. He uses the "Classic" hairstyle. In Chapter 78 of Vol. 19, Smallfry introduces Grizzco Industries for the first time in the Splatlands manga.


If diving into a sewer sounds intimidating, at least you won't have to go it alone. You'll have Smallfry as a companion, and it turns out that having a Salmonid buddy is pretty handy! Smallfry can attack, it can be a decoy, and it can interact in useful ways with the environment.
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[1]

Distracting enemies ✔️
Neutralising traps ✔️
Helping to solve puzzles ✔️
Eating... fuzz? ✔️

Yes, Smallfry can do it all!
— @NintendoEurope on Twitter[2]



Character icons




  • It is stated that the bond between Agent 3 and Smallfry - while unusual due to the normal aggression Salmonids show towards Inklings and Octolings - came to be when Smallfry decided to work together with Agent 3 out of a shared motivation, with Agent 3 salvaging scrap around the Splatlands for profit, and Smallfry being willing to eat just about anything, presumably including said scrap.[3]
    • Sunken Scroll 8 mentions that in rare cases younger Salmonids can end up separated from their schools during a run. As a picture of Smallfry (and their hairstyles) is included in the scroll, this might suggest that the player took it in after it got lost.
      • In the Japanese version, the Sunken Scroll refers to this type of Salmonid as "ケイジ" (keiji), which is a reference to a type of salmon in real life called "鮭児".[4]
  • Smallfry appears in Splatsville in random locations, namely:
    • On the stool outside of Crush Station
    • On the metal crate to the left of the Ammo Knights entrance and right of the main stairs
    • Behind the player's spawn on a square drain
    • In front of the waterfall river garden in the northern quad
    • Next to Murch, lying down
    • On the concrete ledge next to the manhole
    • High up inside of the cafe above Deep Cut's studio
    • High up on top of a sign attached above Hotlantis
    • On top of the sidewalk pole in front of Hotlantis
  • Smallfry appears in Inkopolis Plaza in random locations, namely:
  • If the player remains idle for long enough, Smallfry can occasionally be heard humming Calamari Inkantation. After the player has completed Return of the Mammalians, it may alternatively hum Happy Little Workers.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese コジャケ
Small salmon
Netherlands Dutch Salmini From Salmoniet (Salmonid) and mini
CanadaFrance French Salmioche From Salmonoïde (Salmonid) and mioche (kid, brat)
Germany German Salmini From Salmonide (Salmonid) and mini
Italy Italian Salmonello Little Salmonid. Also, -ello is used to describe something small or cute, translating literally to "Small Salmon"
Russia Russian Малетчик
From малёк malyok (whitebait) and налётчик nalyotchik (raider)
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Escamita Little (fish) scale[a]
Spain Spanish (NOE) Cenutrín From cenutrio (twerp, brat)
China Chinese (Simplified) 小鲑鱼
Xiǎo guīyú
Little Salmon
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 小鮭魚
Xiǎo guīyú
Little Salmon
South Korea Korean 꼬마연어
Little Salmon

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese オオジャケ様
The Great Big Salmon
Netherlands Dutch Salmega From Salmoniet (Salmonid) and mega
Germany German Salmaxi From Salmonide (Salmonid) and Maximum
Italy Italian Salmonone From Salmonello (Smallfry) and the suffix -one used to describe something big. Literally translates to "Big Salmon"
Russia Russian Мегалетчик
From мега mega (mega) and малётчик malyotchik (smallfry)
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Escamota Large (fish) scale[b]
Spain Spanish (NOE) Megacenutrín "Mega" + from cenutrio (twerp, brat)
China Chinese (Simplified) 大鲑鱼大人
Dà guīyú dàrén
Same as Japanese
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 神聖大鮭魚
Shénshèng dà guīyú
The Holy Big Salmon
South Korea Korean 대왕연어
King Salmon

Translation notes

  1. The suffix -ita is used to describe a noun that is small. In this case, they added -ita to the word escama meaning scale.
  2. The suffix -ota is used to describe a noun that is large. In this case, they added -ota to the word escama meaning scale.