Flow and Craymond

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Flow and Craymond
Flow and Craymond.png
Flow (center) and Craymond (top left)
Species Sea slug, possibly a Spanish dancer nudibranch (Flow)
Emperor shrimp (Craymond)
Hair color Orange/Pastel Green (Flow)
Eye color
Gender Female (Flow)
Male (Craymond)
Location Galleria
Shop Headspace
Maximum HP
Other forms
Now this right here is Flow. You'll find her working at Headspace, Inkopolis's spot for hats and helmets. From the way she talks, she might seem a bit loopy, but that's just part of her mysterious vibe. Word has it she's a bit older than most of her Inkling customers, and teasing them is one of her favorite pastimes. The little guy who lives among her tendrils is her erstwhile companion, Craymond, an unhinged emperor shrimp who's always got her back.

Flow and Craymond are characters in the Splatoon series. They are, respectively, a sea slug and an emperor shrimp who jointly operate the headgear shop Headspace. Their relationship is inspired by the symbiotic relationship of their real-life animal counterparts.



Flow's clothing style resembles a 1960s hippie look; her clothes are very loose and baggy, and their colors are earthy in tone. She wears a purple shawl with tassels over a gray shirt and a long, black dress. She wears a black beaded necklace with a teal squid shaped jewel and black sandals with red jewels in the center. Flow's clothing covers both of her arms and one of her feet, leaving one foot exposed. This may reference real-life sea slugs having no arms and only a single foot.

She has a large, hat-like orange mantle with pastel green and orange striped rhinophores on her head as well as two ring piercings; it is on this mantle that Craymond sits. Underneath her mantle, she wears a knotted multicolored headband with flowers attached. She has some structures which resemble hair, which are orange with a gradient deep pink at the tips, that come down slightly past her shoulders. Flow's eyes are emerald green with dotted line patterns around her pupils and dark pink eyelashes with minty tips. She has a long tail behind her with a row of orange cerata on top of the base.

Some concept art suggests that Flow was initially going to have a more androgynous look; this concept may have been derived from the hermaphroditic nature of real-life nudibranchs.


Craymond's appearance is comparatively quite simple. He is seen floating on the side of Flow's mantle, and he is a small shrimp, with the entirety of his body being of a peachy tan color. He also has small front-facing cartoon-style eyes and no visible mouth.

Personality and traits


Flow is a very spacy and lax woman, to the point where the local Inklings have taken to calling her their "crazy aunt".[2] This is also demonstrated through her speech, making extensive use of vague new-age terminology such as "aura", "spirit", and "energy". She also enjoys drinking alcohol, and loves to tease children she finds cute while drunk.[3] As Headspace focuses on gear worn on the head, Flow's version of New You reflects a contemplative or mindful tone as well as higher vocals, linking it to the head. It is simpler and more soothing, matching Flow's calm yet spacey personality. It also has sounds of a ukulele and maracas, referencing her characterization as a hippie.

According to concept art from The Art of Splatoon 2, Flow was first conceptualized as having a "no-strings attached" friendship with Spyke. The book implies that she befriends men easier than women, and that she tends to scare girls away at times given her "rough around the edges" personality, but she has lots of friends and is rather popular, especially with older crowds, due to her cute appearance. She would "innocently like a boyfriend", making her one of the few characters mentioned to be seeking a relationship (alongside Crusty Sean). This concept art information has not been confirmed to apply to Flow's character in the final release of Splatoon 2.

Mentions of Flow's age have been indirect, inconsistent, and vague. The Squid Research Lab[1] and The Art of Splatoon 2 describe her as a "bit older" than her customers, but also state that her "baby face" makes it "impossible to tell how old she truly is." Pieces of concept art also describe her as having the "vibe" of a "20-something party girl".[4] Her aforementioned fondness for alcohol and the fact that she is implied to have been traveling extensively since at least 2007 Mollusc Era (approximately ten years before the start of Splatoon 2) would heavily suggest she is at least of legal age. Ultimately, it can be reasonably presumed that Flow is likely at least in her 20s, if not older.


In contrast to Flow's calm demeanor, Craymond is anxious and quick to jump at things; he is described as "unhinged" by the Squid Research Lab[1]. After Flow finishes talking, as in the case of Annie and Moe, he loudly blurts out accompanying phrases; unlike Moe's consistent rudeness, these phrases range from polite to panicked to occasionally outright nonsensical.

Despite the contrast in personality, he gets along well with Flow and looks after her, such as eating parasites.[3] Flow's statement in the Splatoon 2 relationship chart of "What would I do without you?" seems to indicate she finds Craymond's companionship invaluable, although Craymond's corresponding sentiment of "What would she do without me?" could indicate his lighthearted exasperation at some of her lax tendencies.


Before Splatoon 2

Flow is regularly mentioned as having been a frequent traveler, even going on trips overseas. While on a working holiday, she met the owner of Headspace, which ultimately resulted in her becoming the store's manager.[4] She also appears in Sunken Scroll 7 of Octo Canyon, alongside an "Ika Airlines" flight ticket. Text shown in the Sunken Scroll also implies that her traveling significantly predates the events of even Splatoon; stamps on the passport page appear to show the year 2007, while the photo that is prominently featured dates back to 2010.

She also met Craymond in her travels, finding him floating around her head unexpectedly while on a trip, remarking as such with amusement. In reality, she was actually lost on said trip and had not noticed yet; Craymond, not wanting to "sit by and not help", joined up with her.[4]

Splatoon 2

Flow and Craymond collectively serve as the staff of Headspace, located in Inkopolis Square's Galleria. As the name of the shop suggests, they sell all manners of headgear.

Additionally, they were both on Team Chaos for Chaos vs. Order, apparently owing to their "hope to open a new world’s third eye to the exciting possibilities of chaos".[5]

Splatoon 3

Flow and Craymond return in Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass, again serving as the shopkeepers of Headspace in Inkopolis Square. Additionally, like other shopkeepers, Flow appears as a rival in Tableturf Battle, unlocked after completing Side Order.


USAUnited Kingdom English

When a player below level 4 enters the shop: Flow:
"Whoa, friend... I could feel your aura before you even set foot in my shop. Your eagerness is palpable. But I'm afraid I can't sell you my wares until you're truly ready for them. Until you're able to channel that energy into bettering yourself. Once you make it to level 4, I think you'll be ready, but I don't want to rush it. It should happen organically or not at all. Now go! Realize your potential, friend! I have no doubt you'll find yourself after a couple dozen Regular Battles."
When a player of level 4 or above enters the shop: Flow:
"Ah, hello my little inkfish. Welcome to Headspace. You know, of course, that each piece of gear can grant you an ability, don't you? Well, if you want the nitty-gritty, just push to read up on it."
Additional info when a player at Level 4 or higher enters the shop for the first time (after version 2.0.0): Flow:
"Oh hey, that reminds me... We've started a new service here. You know how the versions you buy from the SplatNet gear shop come with different primary abilities, right? Well, you can now trade in that SplatNet gear for what we've got here. Gear you can trade in has a 🔁 on it, so try it out!"
When a player of level 7 or above enters the shop: Flow:
"Ah... If it isn't my favorite little inkfish. Have you come to cuttle with me? Your aura has strengthened since the last time I saw you. Let's find some nice new gear for you, yes?"
When a player of level 10 or above enters the shop: Flow:
"Ahh! It's my little inkfish! Just look at you! Your aura is stronger than ever!"
When a player of level 13 or above enters the shop: Flow:
"Ah, welcome! Welcome to Headspace. WOW! Your aura is thicker than ink! I'll have to refresh my stock for you!"
When a player of level 16 or above enters the shop: Flow:
"Welcome to Headspace! Please take your time loo— Wait a minute! Is that you, my little inkfish?! I hardly recognized you behind that aura of yours! Your spirit is just so...fresh!"
When a player of level 20 or above enters the shop: Flow:
"AH! IT'S YOU! I can't believe my little inkfish has blossomed into a spiritual powerhouse. I've never basked in an aura like yours!"
When entering the shop without an internet connection: Flow:
"Ah, hello, friend. I'd love to help you, but I'm not feeling a connection. Come back once you're connected to the Internet, and we'll start fresh."
When entering the shop: Flow:
"Hmm? Ah, welcome, friend."
When the player selects a piece of headgear: Flow:
"You'd like to buy it?"
When deciding whether to exchange a piece of headgear: Flow:
"You've got a piece of gear we carry that has a different primary ability. Wanna trade it in?"
After buying a piece of headgear: Flow:
"Equip it?"
After the player is offered to equip a purchase: Flow:
"Thanks, sweetie. If you're looking to renew yourself, just press Equip!"
When selecting a piece of already-owned headgear: Flow:
"Put on your inking cap, darling. You already own that one."
When not having enough cash: Flow:
"You may be rich in spirit, but we don't accept spirit here..."

Netherlands Dutch


When the player enters the shop before reaching level 4

  • "Ho, watervlo… Ik voelde je aura al voor je binnenkwam… Je hebt een sterke energie. Maar ik kan je mijn spullen niet verkopen voor je er klaar voor bent. Je moet die energie van je inzetten voor zelfontplooiing. Als je niveau 4 hebt, ben je er wel klaar voor, geloof ik. Maar je moet het niet forceren. Zoiets moet organisch gaan, weet je. Ga nu maar… Ga op zoek naar je ware zelf. Je zult jezelf wel vinden na een paar standaardgevechten."

(Ho, water flea... I already felt your aura before you came in... You have strong energy. But I can't sell you my stuff before you're ready. You have to use that energy for self-development. If you have level 4, you are ready, I believe. But you shouldn't force it. Such a thing has to go organic, you know. Now go... Go look for your true self. You will find yourself after a couple regular battles.)

When the player at level 4 or higher enters the shop for the first time.

  • "Hm…? O, halloooo. Welkom bij Hoofdmoot. Je weet toch al dat elk kledingstuk een bepaald effect heeft, hè? Nou, als je precies wilt weten hoe het zit, kies dan ZL om verlichting te ervaren. Hmkee?"

(Hm...? O, helloooo. Welcome to Headspace. You already know that every piece of clothing has a particular ability, huh? Well, if you want to know exactly what's up with that, then choose ZL to experience enlightenment. Hmkay?)

  • "O, inktvisje, voor ik het vergeet… We bieden een nieuwe dienst aan. Je hebt vast wel gezien dat hetzelfde kledingstuk soms een ander hoofdeffect heeft, als je het in de Tentashop koopt. Nou, vanaf nu kun je die uitrusting uit de Tentashop hier ruilen, als we hetzelfde voorwerp hebben. Je herkent de uitrusting aan 🔁!"

(O, little squid, before I forget... We offer a new service. You probably have seen that the same piece of clothing has a different main ability sometimes, if you buy it in the SplatNet Gear Shop. Well, as of now you can swap the gear of the Gear Shop here, if we have the same item. You recognize the gear by 🔁!)

When the player at level 7 or higher enters the shop for the first time.

  • "Ooo, jij bent het, mijn inktvisje… Je aura is alleen nog maar sterker geworden sinds je vorige bezoek. Laten we samen eens kijken of we nog wat fraaie spulletjes voor je hebben, hmkee?"

(Ooo, it's you, my little squid... Your aura has only become stronger since your last visit. Lets take a look together if we still have some nice stuff for you, hmkay?)

When the player at level 10 or higher enters the shop for the first time.

  • "O hallooo, watervlo! Je aura straalt als nooit tevoren… Als je jezelf toch eens kon zien…"

(O hellooo, water flea! Your aura shines as never before... If only you could see yourself...)

When the player at level 13 or higher enters the shop for the first time.

  • "Welkom, welkom… Je bent altijd welkom in Hoofdmoot! Wauw… Je aura glanst als verse inkt. Ik zal flitsendere uitrusting voor je moeten inkopen!"

(Welcome, welcome... You are always welcome to Headspace! Wow... Your aura shines as fresh ink. I will have to buy flashier gear for you!)

When the player at level 16 or higher enters the shop for the first time.

  • "Welkom bij Hoofdmoot… Neem je tijd om rustig rond te kij… Ben… Ben jij het, inktvisje van me? Je aura is zo vers dat ik je haast niet had herkend!"

(Welcome to Headspace... take your time to loo... Is it... Is it you, my little squid? Your aura is so fresh that I almost did not recognize you!)

When the player at level 20 or higher enters the shop for the first time.

  • "JE… JE AURA! Zoiets heb ik nog nooit gezien… Je straalt zo fel dat ik een zonnebril nodig heb!"

(YOUR... YOUR AURA! I have never seen something like that before... You shine so bright that I need sunglasses!)

When a player enters the shop the second time after any of previous instances.

  • "Hmm? O, welkom!"

(Hmm? O, welcome!)

When the player selects a piece of headgear they already own but came from the SplatNet Gear Shop.

  • "Dit voorwerp heb je al, maar dan met een ander hoofdeffect. Wil je het misschien ruilen?"

(You already have this item, but with a different main ability. You want to trade it perhaps?)

When the player selects an item.

  • "Wil je dit kopen?"

(You want to buy this?)

When the player purchased an item.

  • "Wil je dit nu dragen?"

(You want to wear this now?)

After the player chooses whether to equip a new item.

  • "Dank je, lief inktvisje. Als je jezelf opnieuw wilt vinden, druk je gewoon op Plus UITRUSTING!"

(Thank you, sweet little squid. If you want to find yourself again, just press Plus GEAR!)

When the player has not enough cash to purchase an item.

  • "Je bent dan wel rijk van geest, maar met geest kun je hier niet betalen…"

(You may be rich in spirit, but you can't pay with spirit here...)

When the player selects an item they already own.

  • "Wel gefocust blijven, hè? Dit heb je al, schattebout."

(Stay focused, huh? You already have this, sweetheart.)

When the player is not connected to the Internet.

  • "Hé hallo, watervlo! Ik help je graag, maar ik voel geen connectie met je. Kom maar eens terug als je een internetverbinding hebt, oké?"

(Hey hello, water flea! I love to help you, but I feel no connection with you. Come back when you have an internet connection, okay?)

  • "SOORT VAN SORRY!" - (KIND OF SORRY!) - When the player enters the shop before reaching level 4.
  • "GAMBOOOOOO!" - (CRAYMOOOOOOND!) - When the player at level 4 or higher enters the shop for the first time.
  • "LEKKER, HOOR!" - (NICE!) - When the player at level 7 or higher enters the shop for the first time.
  • "JE RUIKT OOK JAMMIE!" - (YOU SMELL YUMMY TOO!) - When the player at level 10 or higher enters the shop for the first time.
  • "KIJK JOU 'NS GAAN!" - (LOOK AT YOU GO!) - When the player at level 13 or higher enters the shop for the first time.
  • "LEKKERE VERSE AURA!" - (NICE FRESH AURA!) - When the player at level 16 or higher enters the shop for the first time.
  • "INKTDRUKWEKKEND!" - (INK-PRESSIVE!) - When the player at level 20 or higher enters the shop for the first time.
  • "..." - (...) - When a player enters the shop the second time after any of previous instances.
  • "SUPERVISKEURIG!" - (SUPER FISH-NICKY!) - After the player chooses whether to equip a new item.
  • "GEESTIG. MAAR NEE!" - (WITTY. BUT NO!) - When the player has not enough cash to purchase an item.
  • "HAD JE AL!" - (YOU ALREADY HAD!) - When the player selects an item they already own.
  • "IK VOEL NOG NIKS!" - (I FEEL NOTHING YET!) - When the player is not connected to the Internet.


Splatoon 2

Splatoon 3


  • The Squid Research Lab says that Craymond "lives among her tendrils", despite sitting on her mantle, which has no structures that could be described as tendrils other than two rhinophores.
  • The fact that Flow likes to drink alcohol could be a reference to how Spanish dancer nudibranches, the species she most resembles, eat toxic creatures such as sponges to maintain their own toxicity levels to ward off predators.



From "Flo" (diminutive form of the female given names "Flora" or "Florence") and "flow".


A portmanteau of "crayfish" (although crayfish are not shrimp, they do belong to the same suborder) and the male given name "Raymond".

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ミウラ
A common surname; from "Umiushi" (sea slug)
Netherlands Dutch Soezie Suzie (a female given name), and a pun on "soezen" (to drowse), given her personality
CanadaFrance French Flo Similar to English name
Germany German Seecilia From "See" (sea) and "Cesilia", a given name
Italy Italian Macalù From "lumaca" (slug)
Russia Russian Слизя
From слизь "sliz" (mucus, slime), and слизняк "sliznyak" (slug)
SpainMexico Spanish Iris A female given name
China Chinese (Simplified) 海瑜
Hǎi yú
From 海蛞蝓 Hǎi kuòyú ("Sea slug")

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese エビィ
Ebie, "Ebi" means shrimp
Netherlands Dutch Gambo From "gamba" (large prawn) and "Bo" (a male and female given name)
CanadaFrance French Gambastien From "gamba" (large prawn) and "Sebastien" (a male given name)
Germany German Gambastian From "gamba" (large prawn) and "Sebastian" (a male given name)
Italy Italian Krill Krill is a small crustacean
Russia Russian Мормыш
Мормыш is a general name for small amphipodas
SpainMexico Spanish K. Marón From "camarón" (shrimp)
China Chinese (Simplified) 虾米
Xiā mǐ