Calamari County

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Calamari County (Calamari Region in the European/Oceanian version of Splatoon), or simply Calamari, is a location east of Inkopolis.


Map of the Splatlands and Inkadia confirming that Calamari County is located east of Inkopolis.

Calamari County is the hometown of Callie and Marie, the Squid Sisters, and their grandfather, Craig Cuttlefish. Although Calamari County is never directly seen in Splatoon, it is referenced multiple times, most notably in Sunken Scroll 17 and an Inkopolis News segment regarding Port Mackerel. It also appears in the Squid Sisters Stories, in which it is revealed that Marie's parents still live there, and that it take three and a half hours to reach it from Inkopolis by train.


Callie: I love the salty sea air that wafts through here!
Marie: It takes me back to our childhood in Calamari!
C-C-C-Calamari County is where I'm from! Keep it superfresh 'n' we can def be chums!
These two cousins from Calamari County won Inkopolis's first annual Youth Folk-Singing Contest. Their remarkable voices earned them a standing ovation from all present and catapulted them into the spotlight!

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese シオカラ地方
Shiokara Chihō
Shiokara Country. Shiokara is a Japanese dish made from fermented squid.
Netherlands Dutch De Provincie Calamari The Province Calamari
Canada French (NOA) Région de Calmar Squid region
France French (NOE) Région Calamar Squid region
Germany German Distrikt Calamari District Calamari
Italy Italian Regione Echinia
Provincia di Echinia
From echino (sea urchin)
Russia Russian Округ Каламари
Okrug Kalamari
Calamari county
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Calamaro From Calamar (squid)
Spain Spanish (NOE) Calamaro[a]
From Calamar (squid)
From Chipirón (baby squid) and Chipiona, a Spanish city