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Front Roe
Album art
Species Ichiya & Nami: Inkling
Murasaki: Sea urchin
004Clm: Bivalve (presumed)
Hair color
Eye color
Location The Splatlands
Maximum HP
Members (Non-virtual)
Other forms

Front Roe is a band in Splatoon 3. They are a punk and rock-inspired group and the successor to Squid Squad.


Squid Squad had disbanded as of Splatoon 2,[1] with Quinn joining Diss-Pair. Front Roe consists of the remaining Squid Squad members (Ichiya, Nami, and Murasaki), as well as the new member 004Clm, who is Quinn's replacement. When asked about the possibility of a reunion with Squid Squad by a TV interviewer, Quinn said "that's a good question," then left the room, never to return.[2]

Although Front Roe being Squid Squad's successor is an open secret, Front Roe have distanced themselves from their work as Squid Squad and never promote or perform their music in Splatsville despite being based in the Splatlands.[2] They hide their faces in an effort to give themselves a fresh start.[3]

In-universe, Front Roe debuted in the spring before the release of Splatune 3, working with the independent label AGARI.[2]


Fictional Band Song Name Audio
Front Roe
Sea Me Now
Sandy Side Up



Main article: Ichiya

Ichiya is the former lead vocalist and guitarist for Squid Squad.


Main article: Nami

Nami is the former synth player for Squid Squad.


Main article: Murasaki

Murasaki is the former drummer for Squid Squad.


004Clm is Quinn's replacement as the bass player in Front Roe, and is only ever credited under that name.[2] They are a bivalve of unknown species, but most closely resemble a scallop.


Squid Research Lab here! We should probably log out of our "professional" account for this news, but YOLO! Ahem. New band alert!

Calling themselves Front Roe, this melodic pop-punk group has kids and squids (and Octolings) everywhere waving their tentacles along to the rhythm.

— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[4]
The melodious, punkish sound of rock outfit Front Roe has been swimming up the charts in Splatsville lately. Here's a sneak peek at one of their songs "Sea Me Now" that'll appear in #Splatoon3! 🔊 🎶
— @NintendoEurope on Twitter[5]


The band's name is a play on "front-row" (the closest row of seats to the stage of a theatre or auditorium) and "roe", a group of fish eggs.