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The Inkopolis Café logo
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The Inkopolis Café, also presumably known as "Coffee RPO", is a chain of coffee shops within Inkopolis and Splatsville. They cannot be entered without the use of the out-of-bounds glitch.


"Squids" logo

Two Inkopolis Café logos exist; two squids holding onto a banner below them, with a shield between them, and a shell above the shield. Inside the shield, there's an Inkling letter resembling a "C." The other logo features one almost egg-ish shape and a blob-ish shape overlaying, with Inkopolis Café's name inside. The name of the company roughly spells out "CORTTA RPO".

Inkopolis Plaza

One of the cafés is located underneath the Inkopolis News Studio in Inkopolis Plaza. It is on the left of the entrance to Spyke's alley. The café has a large, curved glass window that matches the shape of the studio above it. There is a counter where customers can buy food and drinks, with a menu on it. There are no lights in the café, and there is no one inside it. Occasionally, a jellyfish (and sometimes two Inklings) can be seen dancing outside the window.

A second café is also located in the Plaza. It is much smaller than the other location beneath the Inkopolis News Studio, and is located on the second floor of a building that neighbors Booyah Base, which has the arcade machine in front of it and a large sign on the side. The bottom floor has no window, and there are a couple of posters advertising Cooler Heads on the building's side. Occasionally, a few Inklings walk in front of it and abruptly stop to pose. It is unknown if this café has any relation to the other cafés.

Arowana Mall

"Shapes" logo

Arowana Mall houses two cafés, one on each team's side of the stage. Established on the ground level, only one side's full glass windows with Inkopolis Cafés name on it. It features a bar with blackboards above it, one larger table, one smaller table, seating, and a smaller blackboard. The walls are purple featuring yellow triangles.

The stage also features several signs and billboards using the "shapes" logo and "squids" logo, respectively.

Splatoon 2

Inkopolis Square

Inkopolis Café Square S2.jpg

A café resembling a circular building with large curved glass windows is found in Inkopolis Square between the Deca Tower and the entrance to the Deepsea Metro. The café features a bar, two tables having four seats each, and one table attached to the wall with three seats in front of the windows. Attached to the wall are two planks featuring wooden carvings that resemble the "Jr. Mark". Spyke can be found sitting with a laptop in front of the windows. Also found inside is a jellyfish attending the bar and a jellyfish sleeping on the table in the back of the café.

It is unknown if the café is open or closed, as no one is found outside it. The lights are dimmed, and during Splatfests, the lights are turned off entirely.

Arowana Mall

Like in Splatoon, Arowana Mall houses two cafés, one on each team's side of the stage. The café's interior has changed since the first game, but still features tables and seats, blackboards showing the menu, along with drawings of coffee beans, forks, slices of cake, and cups.

The stage still features several signs and billboards using the "shapes" logo and "squids" logo, respectively.


A café is located within MakoMart which is tucked away in the corner of the stage.

The Reef

In The Reef, two separate cafés are established on both sides of the stage.

Splatoon 3


View of the café

In Splatsville, a café can be found above the studio Anarchy Splatcast is broadcasted in, its entrance is between the studio and the Battle Lobby. Outside the door is a black chalkboard menu in the Inkling language.


Like in Splatoon 2, a café is located within MakoMart which is tucked away in the corner of the stage.

Inkopolis Plaza

In the Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass, the café below the Inkopolis News studio now has its lights turned on, new art on its back wall, and has three jellyfish within. An empty bar stool inside is also one of the many places in the Plaza where Smallfry can be found.

In the Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass, the location of the second café has been replaced by Grizzco Industries and is now used for Salmon Run.