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Super Chump

Super Chump

Base damage 60 (direct)
35 (splash)
25 (min, splash)
Base duration
Ink consumption
Special points
Special depletion
Strengths Decoys that can confuse Super Jump campers, extremely wide area of effect, high paint
Weaknesses Low HP and damage per bomb, bombs can land in unimportant areas of the map
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Splatoon 3

The Super Chump is a special in Splatoon 3. A great tool for weapons who support, such as the N-Zap '89, it can be used to help players start a push.


  • The Super Chump grants the user a cannon, which is then used to launch the special after being placed at their feet like the Wave Breaker or Ink Storm:
    • The cannon scatters 12 bombs after the user chooses its area of effect. The bombs land in random locations and detonate roughly 3 seconds after touching the ground, each with slight differences in timing.
    • The cannon cannot be used in the air.
    • Unlike other specials that must be deployed before taking effect, the Super Chump's special gauge depletes even when the user is holding it.
    • The Super Chump's special gauge must be depleted before it can fill again, similar to the Tenta Missiles.
    • Each individual bomb has 60 HP.
  • A Super Chump is a multifarious tool that has many uses in different game modes:
    • A Super Chump can cover a lot of turf at once in Turf War, and its projectiles are spread out so that the resulting blasts are harder to clean up.
    • Using a Super Chump works well as a way to defend Splat Zones, as the blasts from the intact bombs can undo the enemy's work filling the zone.
    • Launching a Super Chump in an area filled with Clams can help drive off opponents or distract them, leaving the clams open for your team to take.
    • The bombs' HP is usually enough to absorb one or two shots from an opponent, allowing them to provide cover in a pinch.
  • Conversely, the Super Chump has some notable weaknesses:
    • The bombs take a relatively long time to explode, they each deal less than 100 damage, and they have low HP.
    • The erratic pattern of Super Chumps is very easily recognizable, and very distinct from the one or two Super Jump markers that are usually present.


The Super Chump pairs well with backline anchors that are good at turfing, such as the Hydra Splatling or Jet Squelcher. The bombs force the opponents out into the open to either flee or destroy them, leaving the anchor able to pick them off with ease. It also works well with support weapons, as it's great at maintaining control over existing turf. Super Chump can also be used with aggressive weapons, to give them cover for a push into enemy turf.


  • There are several ways to deal with the bombs generated by a Super Chump:
    • Get rid of the bombs in contested areas first. Maintaining control over the objective is more important than cleaning up the bombs, and you can deal with the aftermath of the ones farther away later.
    • Look for extra Super Jump landing markers, or markers which use a given player's name more than once. If there are more than twelve in an area, that's an opponent trying to use the Super Chump to cover their landing spot.
    • A Super Chump cannon makes a distinctive series of rapid popping noises when it fires: prepare to contend with the bombs when you hear these noises.