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S2 unused icon Octoling Enemy.png Unofficial!

This article discusses content that is not part of the official Splatoon series canon but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.

For more information about Bloblobber, see Bloblobber

Splatoon 2



Sub S2 Weapon Sub Splash Wall.png Splash Wall
Special S2 Weapon Special Ink Storm.png Ink Storm
Base damage 30
Ink consumption 8%
Special points 180p
Special depletion
Role Support/Anchor Flex
Strengths High range, high damage
Weaknesses Slow fire rate, large ink consumption

The Bloblobber has 1 variant, the Bloblobber Deco. This weapon's long range and kit make it a very nice Support/Anchor.


  • The Bloblobber is a long-ranged weapon with high damage, making it a quick splat if all bubbles land.
    • This has slower firing rate than the Slosher, so try to land all bubbles.
      • To do this, time the bubbles since they are delayed.
  • The Bloblobber itself can be used to pressure opponents because the shots are delayed, and can surround the enemy with bubbles by flicking the camera sideways.

There are a couple of ways the Splash Wall will help the user

  • For one, just hiding behind it will protect the user from attacks in front of the user
  • The user can also throw a splash wall onto the tower by jumping off and throwing it or bouncing it off of a wall and onto the tower, this will make it very hard to splat the user on the tower
  • The user can also throw a Splash Wall into a corner and heal up there in tight situations

Ink Storm could also give your team the upper hand in certain situations

  • Throw Ink Storm at the Zone or near the enemy Clam Basket to force enemies to move and make room for your team
  • Ink Storm trails could also make it hard for enemies to move through areas, giving control over that area for a short amount of time


The Bloblobber is best paired with slayers with short range like Tentatek Splattershot or Clear Dapple Dualies to help deal pressure and maybe deal damage.

  • Because of the Bloblobber's high range, a Bloblobber user can stay back and keep control while the rest of the weapons with short range can go to the frontlines.
  • A Bloblobber user can still be offensive in the backlines. Because of their delayed shots, the shots can get to the opponent's area while traveling and apply pressure.


  • Since the Bloblobber has very long range, using something that outranges it, such as the Dynamo Roller or the Hydra Splatling, can get the Bloblobber splatted.
  • The Bloblobber also has a slow fire rate and its shots are in a line and delayed, so using dualies, preferably Dualie Squelchers, or anything else with high mobility to dodge the bubbles.
    • Take advantage of how the blobs are delayed. Compared to the Slosher, it takes more time for the blobs to hit an opponent than the Slosher. The extra time can be used to splat the Bloblobber
  • If The Bloblobber user doges behind a Splash Wall, do not challenge them, they will be able to hit you, but you will not be able to hit them
  • If you see a Bloblobber user pull out an Ink Storm, but not throw it, take full advantage of this and splat them as they are fully vulnerable until they throw the Ink Storm

Gear abilities

Gear abilities provide different effects in battle that benefit the player with their equipped weapon. This is a guide to gear abilities in relation to the weapon. Strategy, synergy, viability, and purpose may be written here.

S2 Ability Main Power Up.png Main Power Up

This will increase the ink coverage, which is helpful because it makes the paint of the Bloblobber’s projectiles more consistent and can contribute to the charging of your special. [1]

S2 Ability Ink Saver (Main).png Ink Saver (Main)

The Bloblobber consumes 8% of ink, which uses up all ink quickly. Ink Saver (Main) can be used to maintain ink levels

  • 3 ability points, or one sub can increase the amount the Bloblobber can slosh from 12 to 13.[2]
S2 Ability Special Charge Up.png Special Charge Up

Special Charge Up accelerates building up the special gauge for Ink Storm. In order for a Bloblobber to help support teammates, Special Charge Up can be used to have the Ink Storm more often.

S2 Ability Thermal Ink.png Thermal Ink

The blobs from the Bloblobber go far and will usually hit opponents without splatting them. Thermal Ink can use this and locate opponents who get randomly hit from the blobs.

S2 Ability Last-Ditch Effort.png Last-Ditch Effort

Last-Ditch Effort activates when the timer hits 0:30 or, if in Ranked or League battles, the enemy’s point counter reaches 50 and gradually grows stronger, maxing out when the enemy’s point counter hits 30. This ability grants you 24 AP of S2 Ability Ink Saver (Main).png Ink Saver (Main), S2 Ability Ink Saver (Sub).png Ink Saver (Sub), and S2 Ability Ink Recovery Up.png Ink Recovery Up when at full effect. Bloblobber can make use of this ability extremely well as all the boosts will grant you extreme ink efficiency, letting you utilize your main weapon and Splash Wall with more leniency, which can prove to be helpful on either defensive situations where you must push back against the enemy team or offensive situations where you have major control against them.