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Abbreviations Brush, Pain, Paintbrush, Dynamo Brush
Sub S3 Weapon Sub Curling Bomb.png Curling Bomb
Special S3 Weapon Special Wave Breaker.png Wave Breaker
Base damage 60 (Flinging ink)
30 (Sliding)
Base duration
Ink consumption 6.4% (Flinging ink)
14.4% (Sliding)
Special points 200p
Special depletion
Role Slayer/Support/Anchor
Strengths Works very well for a fast-paced, aggressive playstyle, high damage, long range, decent mobility
Weaknesses Short windup delay before use, the bomb is not ideal for finishing off enemies, very ink hungry.
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This article discusses content that is not part of the official Splatoon series canon but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.
For information about the Painbrush, see Painbrush.

The Painbrush is a weapon that was introduced in Sizzle Season 2023 and is a weapon in the class of brushes. There are currently no variants and the weapon has the ability to fling ink and slide across a map. It plays a hybrid of support slayer as it can kill at a distance and also paint well.


The Painbrush is a brush that has two main mechanics: flinging ink and sliding. These two mechanics are similar to those of its class, except the Painbrush is the highest in it's class, damage and range wise.

  • The flinging attack can splat an enemy after 2-4 hits pointed directly at the player.
  • Ink consumption while sliding is 14.4% and while flinging it is 6.4%.
    • Comparing sliding, the Octobrush consumes 9% ink while sliding and the Inkbrush consumes 8.1%.
  • The weapon can be swung every 15 frames or four times per second, which is 6 less than the current Inkbrush and 6 less than the current Octobrush.
  • The brush deals a base damage of 60 and minimum damage of 25. In comparison, the Octobrush deals a base damage of 40 and the Inkbrush deals a base damage of 30.
  • It is similar to a Sloshing Machine but with less range and more handling, tips for that weapon may also apply to the Painbrush.

The Painbrush requires much more ink and has a slower speed, but deals almost double the damage compared to others in its category. It can be seen as the brush version of Dynamo Roller.


  • The Curling Bomb can help the Painbrush as a mobility tool and to poke at enemies from a distance. However, it consumes a lot of ink, which makes it hard to use with the main weapon. It can be used to go around un-inked areas or enemy ink.
  • Wave breaker can help it to combo up close and help locate enemies. It can also act as an ink refill tool as ink will be refilled upon using it.
  • Because the Painbrush is a slow weapon, it is good to sneak up on players whilst distracted or injured, it will take them longer to react and defend themselves.


The Painbrush consumes a lot of ink, so it would not have much ink left after using a Curling Bomb. Try to kill it when it has less ink to fight you with. If you have more range, you can try to kill it at a distance so it cannot damage you.

  • The Painbrush's reaction is also very slow, if you wield a faster weapon you'll have a higher chance at survival than a slower weapon.

Gear abilities[1]

S3 Ability Ink Saver (Main).png Ink Saver (Main) - Helps combat low main weapon ink efficiency
S3 Ability Ink Saver (Sub).png Ink Saver (Sub) - Helps combat low sub weapon ink efficiency
S3 Ability Ink Recovery Up.png Ink Recovery Up - Helps recover ink quicker, especially helpful considering whiting frames
S3 Ability Swim Speed Up.png Swim Speed Up - Pairs well with sub weapon, increases mobility
S3 Ability Ninja Squid.png Ninja Squid - Makes it easier to sneak up on enemies
S3 Ability Stealth Jump.png Stealth Jump or S3 Ability Drop Roller.png Drop Roller - Helps with stealth; Prevents immediate attacks upon Super Jump