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Base damage 220 (On Impact)
220 (Direct Hit)
70 (Splash)
Base duration
Ink consumption
Special points
Special depletion
Strengths Fast and invulnerable travel, high damage
Weaknesses Vulnerability before and after travel
For information about Reefslider, see Reefslider.

Splatoon 3

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The Reefslider is a special weapon that the player rides, in a straight line, to a certain point which the player can change by hitting ZR to have it explode early. Enemies that get hit by the moving Reefslider or get caught in its inner explosion will get instantly splatted, while those that get hit by its outer explosion will take a significant amount of damage that can be followed up on by the user or their teammates.


Reefslider can be used to chase down and splat weakened opponents, enter enemy territory, or escape from enemies.

  • Try not to use it while facing water or a pit, as it is possible to fall in and die.
  • Using Reefslider on an elevated surface can allow the user to drop off the ledge, activate the explosion in midair, and drop on enemy players before they can react.
  • Reefslider is useful in Splat Zones for painting over the zone, or in Rainmaker for instantly popping the shield as long as the shield hasn't been damaged by the opponents.


  • Reefslider pairs very well with the Dark Tetra Dualies as its aggressive nature matches the weapon's playstyle. The Tetra Dualies' four dodge rolls can be used after the special ends in order to escape.
  • Reefslider's outer explosion damage can combo with the S-BLAST '92's splash damage, the Dread Wringer's sloshes, and the Dapple Dualies Nouveau's Torpedo.
  • Special weapons that deal non-lethal damage to enemies, such as the Wave Breaker, can turn the Reefslider's outside explosion lethal.


  • The Reefslider is vulnerable before and after deploying, which can be exploited.
  • Weapons with long range, such as Chargers or Splatlings can take advantage of the endlag without being in danger.