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This article discusses content that is not part of the official Splatoon series canon but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.
For information about Inkjet, see Inkjet.

Splatoon 2



Base damage 30 (Min. Splash)
50 (Splash)
120 (Direct hit)
0.5 per frame (Exhaust)[1]
Base duration
Ink consumption
Special points
Special depletion
Strengths Decent range, splatting power, strong pressure, can attack over obstacles easily
Weaknesses Requires good aim and tracking to deal damage, recall when special ends can be exploited, lack of mobility

Inkjet is a unique offensive special found primarily on slayer weapons, allowing the user to fly through the air and fire explosive projectiles for 7.5 seconds. This allows the user to create space for their team to retake control, or strengthen a push by keeping opponents in their spawn.


With proper piloting, Inkjet can apply tremendous pressure on opponents more directly than other specials such as Tenta Missiles.

  • The Inkjet fires explosive projectiles capable of splatting opponents in one hit, while hitting with splash damage can splat opponents in two to four shots. In general, it is best to go for direct hits to quickly splat foes so that the user can focus fire on other opponents.
    • The splash damage is still useful for attacking players hiding behind obstacles. Remember that the closer the explosion, the more damage it deals.
  • Its range is also nothing to scoff at, only being bested by the E-Liter family. However, to hit shots from max range, the user will have to predict where the opponent will be, as the Inkjet shots are rather slow.
  • Inkjet pilots can use the stage geometry creatively to gain a sizable height advantage over the opponent, making them harder to hit.[2]
    • Note that the Inkjet cannot allow the user to fly above grates, instead causing them to walk along them. In general, these should be avoided so the user can maintain a height advantage.
    • Walking on grates give the user a slow walking speed, but makes it much easier to aim if trying to evade enemy shots.
  • Make sure to start Inkjet from a safe location, such as behind a wall. When the special expires, the user is forced to Super Jump back to their activation point, which is clearly marked for the opponent to camp.
  • The Inkjet recall also occurs when the user falls out of bounds, such as in the water. The user will either be sent back to the activation point or wherever they were on solid ground last.
    • Using Inkjet when falling off the map can be used to save yourself in a pinch.
    • Flying into water can also be used to avoid attacks from the enemy team. However, this would be pointless if the special was not started in a safe location to begin with.
      • This can also be done to end the special early in the event of the enemy team getting wiped.
  • The Inkjet offers two mobility options:
    • Going into squid or octopus form with ZL allows the user to descend and also swim in ink as usual. This makes pilots less predictable, allowing them to dodge incoming fire. Swimming through ink allows the user to pursue opponents more easily and also climb taller walls that cannot otherwise be climbed by jumping.
    • Jumping with B provides the user with a brief boost in height, which can potentially give users the extra bit of height they need to climb on top of some walls and also dodge shots.


  • Inkjet is particularly vulnerable while flying, due to its larger hitbox and slow air speed. Having a teammate with Ink Armor will increase the Inkjet's survivability and allow them to play more aggressively.
  • Some weapons can benefit from the chip damage that Inkjet provides, such as blasters or the Explosher, allowing for easier splats. Similarly, weapons with Burst Bombs can finish off opponents weakened by Inkjet shots, and vice versa.


  • Bomb Defense Up DX, which already provides useful protection against Bomb splash damage, also reduces the damage taken from certain special weapons, including Inkjet.[3][4] Just three ability points, or one sub,…
    • …reduce their far splash damage to 29.0.
    • …reduce their near splash damage to 48.3, allowing one to survive two near misses.[1]
  • Ink Armor can be used to counter Inkjets, allowing players to tank an extra hit. Combining Ink Armor with one sub of Bomb Defense Up DX allows the armor to not shatter when hit with far splash damage.
  • Inkjet pilots are easy targets for long-ranged weapons such as splatlings and especially chargers, due to their low mobility and larger hitbox.[5]
  • When Inkjet expires or the pilot falls out of bounds, they are forced to Super Jump to the point of activation. Much like a regular Super Jump, this can be camped quite easily by firing the main weapon at the marker or using well-timed bombs. However, watch out for dodge rolls the opponent will perform, whether from Drop Roller or by using dualies, or any bombs they drop.
  • This recall also puts the opposing team at a brief numbers disadvantage, since the Inkjet user will have to Super Jump back and swim up to the battle. This can be capitalized off of by attacking the enemy when their Inkjet expires, overwhelming them due to having more players.[6]
  • The slow shots fired by Inkjet can be dodged by sub strafing.
  • Before the battle begins, pay attention to the opposing team's composition to check how many and which opponents have Inkjet.

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