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This article discusses content that is not part of the official Splatoon series canon but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.

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For information about the Splatana Wiper, see Splatana Wiper.

Splatoon 3

Splatana Wiper

Splatana Wiper

Abbreviations Wiper
Sub File:Weapon Sub Torpedo.png Torpedo
Special File:Weapon Special Ultra Stamp.png Ultra Stamp
Base damage 15 (direct, tap)
30 (projectile, tap)
120 (direct, charge)
60 (projectile, charge)
Base duration
Ink consumption ?? (tap)
?? (charge)
Special points 180p
Special depletion
Strengths Splatting, mobility
Weaknesses Turfing

Contrary to its appearance and name, the Splatana Wiper is not a melee weapon. Instead, its playstyle is centered around mid-range poking with its slash attacks and Torpedoes, while having the close-range one hit splat from the charged slash as a backup for opponents who get too close.

In competitive play

First impressions of the Splatana Wiper from competitive players following the Splatoon 3 Splatfest World Premiere were mixed. For example, competitive veteran Sendou considers the weapon to be outclassed,[1] and some players such as Kyo consider the weapon to just be plain bad.[2] On the other hand, some players such as Chara finds the weapon to be situational, but fine as is and difficult to learn.[3][4] Further worsening the opinions on the Splatana Wiper were likely because of apparent nerfs to Ultra Stamp hitboxes.[5] Due to the game currently being unreleased, its true potential has yet to be seen, though some players like Arashi, a former member of Prophecy, seems to have taken a liking to the weapon and may push it forward in the future.[6]