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This article discusses content that is not part of the official Splatoon series but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.
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Abbreviations Echo
Base damage
Base duration 9 seconds
Ink consumption
Special points 200p
Special depletion
Strengths Instant activation, affects all active opponents
Weaknesses Does not deal damage, tag disappears if the tagged opponent gets splatted, tagging duration can be shortened by Cold-Blooded ability

The Echolocator is a global special that tags all alive opponents with circling black squid arrows and an ink-colored line, allowing them to be seen through opaque objects by the user's team, similar to the Point Sensor. Hence, this is purely a supportive special weapon.


  • This special is useful to tracking flanking players and those who use Ninja Squid.
  • Like all specials, the Echolocator refills the user's ink tank upon use. However, this special still allows the usage of main and sub weapons, allowing it to be used as a free, instant refill at low ink.
  • Activating this special instantly empties the special gauge instead of it gradually depleting for the tagging duration, allowing it to be filled immediately after activation.
  • This special is very useful for Charger users as it allows them to track far opponents for easy splats.


Being a purely supportive special weapon, it is recommended to complement the Echolocator with offensive special weapons such as Inkzooka and Inkstrike. It was also used with Burst Bomb weapons to double the amount of Burst Bombs they could use without going into squid form.


  • Cold-Blooded ability reduces the wearer's duration of being tagged by 50%.
  • Haunt ability provides the wearer some points of Damage Up, Defense Up, and Run Speed Up when being tagged by an Echolocator user.
  • The brief visual effect of black arrows flying from the opposing user to your team can be seen by your team, which can be used to help locating the user.
  • Little else can be done to counteract this special, so taking up a defensive playstyle for the duration of the tagging can help your team staying alive.