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This article discusses content that is not part of the official Splatoon series but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.
For information about the Tacticooler, see Tacticooler.


Base damage
Base duration up to 15 seconds (cooler)
17 seconds (effects)
Ink consumption
Special points
Special depletion
Strengths Gives ability boosts, allows players to respawn fast, nullifies effects of Respawn Punisher and Haunt[1][2][3]
Weaknesses Reveals position while hiding in ink, requires team to group up in one location to receive effects, does not aid the team as well during retakes

The Tacticooler is a supportive special weapon in Splatoon 3.

Splatoon 3


If deployed properly, the Tacticooler can enhance a team's lockout or push, help it break through the opponents' lockout, or counter the opponents' push:[2][4]

  • Because both the cooler itself (up to 15 seconds) and the drinks' effects (at least 17 seconds since Version 4.0.0) last a limited amount of time, it is recommended to deploy your Tacticooler just before engaging the opposing team if at least two team members (including yourself) can collect a drink.
  • Place the Tacticooler in a safe, easily accessible location:[5]
    • If placed too far into opposing turf or in an area open to attack, anyone who attempts to collect a drink risks getting splatted and not fully benefitting from its effects.
    • However, placing it too far back will require players who want a drink to give up map control and, to locate it, turn their backs to the opposing team, which is very dangerous.
    • In general, the most optimal Tacticooler location is either around the area your team is staging a lockout or along the objective's path through which your team is pushing.
    • Since Version 3.1.0, the longer maximum distance from which a player can collect a drink (including through stage obstacles) makes Tacticooler placement more flexible.[1]
  • The cooler will remain on the stage for up to 15 seconds–7.5 seconds if placed on the Tower–and can only be destroyed if it is thrown out-of-bounds or a stage object (such as the Tower) collides into it. Opposing attacks cannot damage it.
    • Destroying the cooler in this manner will clear the 10 second cooldown time for your special gauge. Thus, it could be beneficial to place the Tacticooler on the Tower path, quickly collect your drinks, and (after the Tower destroys the cooler) quickly farm another Tacticooler to extend a Tower push.
    • The cooler can be used as a temporary shield against opposing fire. However, its presence might invite opponents to fire sub or special weapons at its location.
  • A player under the effects of Tacticooler who is out in the open (i.e., not hidden behind stage obstacles) will be visible to their opponents, even when submerged. Keep this in mind if you have teammates who are sharking so as not to accidently expose their location to your opponents.
  • Skirmishers and slayers who collect Tacticooler are free to play more aggressively:[6]
  • Anchors and supports also have much to gain from the enhanced abilities:
    • Both Run Speed Up and Swim Speed Up allow them to more quickly strafe around opposing fire and pursue targets.
    • 57 AP of Quick Super Jump ability helps them nearly instantly escape from bad situations or advance forward much faster.
    • Special Saver gives supports the freedom to be more aggressive with no penalty to their special gauge progress.


The Tacticooler can be a good special for continuing pushes in the event of wiping the opposing team, but is a poor special for retaking control or defending during Tower Control, Rainmaker, or Clam Blitz, as it does not provide paint or damage. Having more than one Tacticooler on a team composition can be a detriment due to these reasons.


Keep an eye on the HUD to know when an opposing Snipewriter 5H user has their Tacticooler ready, and both watch for when it is deployed and listen to its jingle.

  • If you can splat–or at least trade with–the opposing Tacticooler provider just before they have it ready, then you could relieve your team of the pressure it would otherwise face from a fully enhanced opposing team.
    • The Trizooka is one of the few weapons that could pick off an opposing Tacticooler provider from a safe distance. Even an indirect hit's splash damage weakens them enough to get splatted by another shot or a teammate's follow up attack.
  • Certain sub and special weapons can temporarily deny your opponents access to their Tacticooler (or splat them as they attempt to collect a drink) if it is ever misplaced.
  • Sharking around their cooler can also provide an opportunity to pick off opponents and remove their enhancements.
  • Players under the effects of Tacticooler are visible–even while submerged in their ink. Unless they can use the physical environment to hide, they are less likely to shark.
  • If your team does not have a Tacticooler ready (or has no Tacticoolers in its composition) when your opponents are under the effects of Tacticooler, then your team will need to win the first overall team fight outright against your then win or trade the second overall team fight to prevent them from sustaining a long lockout or push.
  • Even when under the effects of a Tacticooler, opposing short-ranged weapon users still begin at a disadvantage against your team's medium-ranged weapon users. Thus, use any range advantage or bombs you have to space out your opponents.[3]
  • If positioned carefully, a Crab Tank can stall an opposing Tacticooler push, which can buy time for your team to respawn or prepare a counter-push of your own.[3]