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For information about the Kensa Luna Blaster, see Kensa Luna Blaster.

Splatoon 2

Kensa Luna Blaster

Kensa Luna Blaster

Luna, K-Luna
Sub S2 Weapon Sub Fizzy Bomb.png Fizzy Bomb
Special S2 Weapon Special Ink Storm.png Ink Storm
Base damage 50-70 (splash)
125 (direct hit)
Ink consumption 7.5%
Special points 170p
Special depletion
Role Slayer/Support Flex
Strengths Fast fire rate compared to other one-shot blasters, large blast size, mobility, Fizzy Bomb spamming
Weaknesses Low range, high ink consumption


The Kensa Luna Blaster, like its Vanilla and Neo variants, is a one-shot Blaster that has a fast fire rate and a large blast size.



Gear Abilities

Gear abilities provide different effects in battle that benefit the player with their equipped weapon. This is a guide to gear abilities in relation to the weapon. Strategy, synergy, viability, and purpose may be written here.

S2 Ability Ink Saver (Sub).png Ink Saver (Sub)

Just 21 AP, (1 main and 4 subs or 7 subs) of Ink Saver (Sub) can decrease the ink consumption of the Fizzy Bomb to 60% of the ink tank to less than 50%, making it easier to spam Fizzy Bombs. [1]

S2 Ability Last-Ditch Effort.png Last-Ditch Effort

As a headgear-exclusive ability, Last-Ditch Effort gives up to 24 AP of the following:

This is enough to fire 20 shots, throw two Fizzy Bombs at a time, and fully recovery ink when your ink tank is empty in 2.33 seconds. <ref> Build Analyzer However, Last-Ditch Effort only activates in the following situations:

  • When the timer is at 30 seconds or less, including Overtime.
  • When the opposing team has ticked their timer to 50 or less in Ranked Matches.