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This article discusses content that is not part of the official Splatoon series but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.
For information about the Baller, see Baller.

Splatoon 2



Base damage 50 (contact)
55 (splash)
180 (direct hit)
Duration: 6 seconds (automatic detonation)
Base duration
Ink consumption
Special points
Special depletion
Strengths protection, zoning, can initiate or stall pushes.
Weaknesses vulnerable while activating, can be destroyed


  • There is a slight but critical startup delay from the time the player activates Baller to the time they enter it. Therefore, it is advised to activate the Baller in a relatively safe place before taking enemy fire. Also, while the Baller can be used as a type of panic button to protect oneself, similar to the Bubbler in Splatoon, activating it too late will cause the player to get splatted before benefiting from its protection.
  • The Baller cannot travel through grates or mesh that a morphed Inkling or Octoling can swim through, such as the gate leading to the court on Goby Arena. Keep this in mind when either pursuing an opponent with the Baller or escaping an opponent using the Baller.
  • The Baller experiences a large speed decrease when it travels over an enemy sponge, as if it was in enemy ink.
  • Before Version 5.2.0, players were completely immune to the effects of Toxic Mist while using the Baller. However, this is not the case for Point Sensors, as going through one will cause the player to be tracked as normal.
  • A player in a Baller who touches the Rainmaker after its shield is broken automatically picks up the Rainmaker and exits the Baller without exploding it. Make sure not to accidentally touch the unshielded Rainmaker when using the Baller.
  • A Baller can force its user's opponent to move in a direction different from where the opponent intended, especially in narrow passages.
  • Even with the added protection, a Baller user can greatly benefit from the shelter of a coordinated special weapon, such as the Booyah Bomb, Bubble Blower, or Ink Storm.
  • While the resulting ink coverage of a Baller's explosion occurs more slowly than that of a Splashdown, a player inside the Baller is more likely to survive enemy fire, such as blaster shots or the bursting of bubbles from the Bubble Blower.
  • There is a small moment before the explosion in which the Baller is invulnerable to enemy attacks. A Baller user can use this to their advantage to avoid having the Baller being broken by multiple high damage special weapons (such as the Splashdown) that have been used in the same area and potentially splat nearby opponents.
  • The Special Power Up ability increases both the durability of the Baller and the hitbox of its explosion.
  • After the Baller's explosion, nearby opponents not splatted are often damaged enough for one or two shots to splat them.
  • The Baller is preferred over the Inkjet whenever an enemy should be pushed back and advance into their territory, as the Inkjet forces its user to return to the launching point at the end of its duration.
  • At the start of a battle, it is advised to pull open the map with and see if any opponents have Object Shredder, as it will be easier for those with it to destroy the Baller, thus players should be wary of such opponents.
  • Unless the player can catch the opponents by surprise, or are under the protection of a teammate's special weapon such as the Bubble Blower, reserve the use of Baller against single targets, as multiple players who focus fire and bombs on a Baller will eventually break it.
  • Certain stages, such as Kelp Dome, Port Mackerel, and Walleye Warehouse, have a street that is easily defensible in both Rainmaker and Clam Blitz. A well-timed Baller, especially with other coordinated specials, can help break through the stalemate and lay siege onto the enemy's position.
  • In Splat Zones, a single Baller's explosion is usually enough to either un-capture a single zone held by the enemy or capture one of two zones on a dual-zone stage. The Baller user and their teammates must be able to follow this up to fully capture either the single zone or the second of two dual zones.
  • The Baller can provide a Tower rider in Tower Control ample protection from enemy fire, even from three Sting Ray, similar to how both the Bubbler and Kraken were used in Splatoon. Position yourself between the enemy fire and the middle post of the Tower to avoid getting knocked off. This tactic is most optimally used for clearing checkpoints, where the Tower is stationary and vulnerable to enemy attack.
  • One of the most effective means of scoring in Clam Blitz, especially on stages that are medium to large, involves the Baller providing a safe Super Jump landing point for teammates carrying Power Clams:
    • To conceal one's position, the Baller player should not carry a Power Clam, as doing so would mark one with a Ranked Battle symbol on the screen. If one obtains a Power Clam, they should pass it to a teammate, preferably the Anchor, who will remain relatively safe until a Super Jump opportunity presents itself.
    • Once the Baller player has built up their special gauge and at least one teammate has a Power Clam, the Baller player activates it in a spot that is nearby the enemy Clam Basket but relatively safe from attack, then rolls underneath the basket, and detonates the Baller, spreading ink around the basket, all while signalling their teammates with , indicating that they are within throwing range of the enemy Clam Basket.
    • Any of the Baller's teammates who has a Power Clam will Super Jump to the Baller's position, landing within a throw's reach of the enemy Clam Basket, and toss their clams (Power Clams first) into the basket.
      • Ink Armor and Stealth Jump will improve the survivability of teammates who super jump toward the enemy basket. Activating the Splashdown just before landing can also clear out the landing point of enemies and claim a large area of turf, but note that doing so will force its user to drop all clams in possession.


  • Study the display to determine both which, if any, opponents have the Baller in their weapon builds and when it is fully charged. This early intelligence is valuable in any mode, especially in Clam Blitz.
  • If multiple players are in the firing range of an enemy Baller, concentrate fire to quickly destroy and pop it. Both bombs and Object Shredder can help speed up the destruction and pop of a Baller. Bombs that strike an enemy Baller will immediately detonate, not only damaging it but also damaging or splatting any of the Baller user's teammates nearby.
  • The Splashdown is often powerful enough to destroy a Baller, but be wary of the Baller's explosion.
  • Another way to destroy a Baller is with any of the Dynamo Rollers, as they can destroy the Baller in one swing as long as they perform a horizontal swing directly in front of the Baller. This isn't recommended, however, because even though the Dynamo Roller will swing before the Baller detonates, the player with the roller will be vulnerable after the Baller has been destroyed, usually by the player that activated the Baller. It is also possible that the player who activated the Baller will attempt to run over the player who is attempting to destroy it.
  • In Tower Control, fire at an enemy Baller at a proper angle to knock it off of the Tower. With a mesh brim surrounding the Tower, the Baller cannot climb back on without the assistance of another structure.