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For information about the Splatana Stamper, see Splatana Stamper.

Splatoon 3

Splatana Stamper

Splatana Stamper

Abbreviations Stamper
Sub Burst Bomb
Special Zipcaster
Base damage 55 (direct, tap)
35 (projectile, tap)
140 (direct, charge)
70 (projectile, charge)
Base duration
Ink consumption 5.2% (tap)
≈11.7% (hold)
Special points 210p
Special depletion
Role Slayer
Strengths Splatting, damage, range, Burst Bomb combos, lethal one-shot charge (at close range)
Weaknesses Low mobility and turfing, slow charge time, high ink consumption

Splatana Stamper is a middleweight Splatana produced by Nouveau. It has less strafing speed on the ground, but in return has longer range and better damage compared to the Splatana Wiper.


Despite its slow charge time and mediocre paint, being able to hit opponents from afar whether it be with Burst Bombs or the main weapon itself makes the Splatana Stamper a slayer's weapon.

  • The main advantage of Stamper is its superior range to most weapons, and Burst Bombs giving it mobility, despite it being a middleweight weapon.
    • Charged and normal slashes both go a long distance, but charged slashes go slightly further.
      • Because of this, charged slashes are your main damage dealer, being able to combo with a normal slash or Burst Bomb.
  • Thanks to its high damage, it has an advantage in Rainmaker.
  • The Splatana Stamper has the ability to pop the Rainmaker shield alone with 3-4 charged slashes without Object Shredder.
  • The Splatana Stamper also has some downsides:
    • Because of its slow fire rate, many weapons can easily overpower it if they get in close.
    • The speed in which they fire does better as chip damage up close, providing an assist for teammate splats.
    • While Zipcaster allows it to be more mobile and assume a frontline position, it's risky to go for this due to its speed, however, you might get chip damage from the Zipcaster's explosion radius when hitting a solid surface and use a charged slash.
    • Due to its high ink consumption, it will struggle more to stay in play more frequently.
    • Charged slashes are slower and easier to dodge when firing at a player, so do not rely on charged slashes on hitting opponents from a far distance, but you can take a try from a distance to hit a backline.

Burst Bombs are a good backup for the Splatana Stamper.

  • Throwing Burst Bombs give an AoE that can help combo with the main weapon's high damage.
    • Not having great paint, Burst Bombs make up for this, allowing it to help it climb up walls without inking it with the main weapon; though it is more efficient to do so.
    • It can also be used as an escape mechanism. Throwing Burst Bombs when you need to escape a sticky situation can be useful.
  • Slower weapons, such as long-ranged anchor-playing chargers and splatlings, Explosher as well as other heavyweight weapons are most affected by its slow speed, but thanks to Burst Bomb combos, the Stamper player can easily eliminate those threats if played correctly.
  • Finally, Splatana Stamper benefits exponentially off its Burst Bombs when in head-to-head encounters. It can be used to combo people running away after they took damage from a charged slash, and allows the enemy to relocate after being threatened with a Burst Bomb being thrown at them.

Zipcaster provides the Splatana Stamper with improved ability to engage with opponents for a short duration.

  • While Zipcaster is activated, sub weapons become unavailable, which means Burst Bombs cannot be used to splat opponents.
  • Using Zipcaster as a way to become a temporary evade skirmisher can force your opponents to your fellow slaying teammates.
  • Zipcaster does have a certain range, but even in that range, you can get onto high vantage points - somewhere that only chargers and some splatlings can utilize.


The Splatana Stamper's long range and high damage make it able to combo nicely with a wide number of weapons:

  • Its charged slash damage of 70 enables it to combo with lower damaging weapons, including the Squeezer, Splattershot, and specials such as the Trizooka or Inkjet.
  • Its tap slash of 35 allows it to combo with higher damaging weapons that may still struggle to splat opponents under certain circumstances, including the Rapid Blaster Deco or Sloshing Machine.

While one user of a short-ranged weapon such as the N-ZAP '85 might get away with a lack of range, having too many short-ranged weapons on a team without a longer-ranged weapon like Stamper to provide support fire is often disadvantageous for a number of reasons:[1]

  • An opponent with a long-ranged weapon like, well, Splatana Stamper can more aggressively position themselves to zone out the entire shorter-ranged team.
  • The opposing slayers can play more aggressively, knowing that there is no long-ranged threat to pick them off from afar.
  • Having a painter for your team such as an N-ZAP, Splash-o-matic or any spray shooter or weapon with outstanding paint can aid the Splatana Stamper and other immobile, bad painting weapons on a team.

The Splatana Stamper's lack of lethal bombs can also be a liability to a team composition. Lethal bombs – particularly either Splat or Suction Bombs – provide their user's team a couple advantages over another team that has no lethal bombs in its composition:[1]

  • Their one-hit-splat offers its user's team chances of instantly gaining a numbers advantage, from which a game-winning push can arise.
  • Their lethal explosion provides space for its user's team to either push into an area held by the opponent or stall an opponent's push.
  • Despite this, Splatana Stamper more needs a Burst Bomb in order to help it combo better, so it still has a use.

Zipcaster is intended for getting up close and personal, allowing the Stamper's teammates to go in and get picks off of unsuspecting victims. Therefore, it is advised to have other special weapons available to complement Zipcaster, such as Big Bubbler, Ink Vac or any of the Splatoon 2 specials ported over to Splatoon 3.

  • Zipcaster provides no direct means of protection, meaning that opponents can still easily kill you.
  • Other special weapons, such as Inkjet or Trizooka, are intended for splatting opponents and more capable at this than Zipcaster.

Combining Zipcaster with other specials can bolster a team's ability to either make a push or counter the opponents' push:

  • Big Bubbler and other protective special weapons, such as Ink Vac and even Crab Tank to tank up hits and provide support fire, can increase the survivability of a team as they push into contested territory.


  • Matchups between Splatana Stamper users on opposing teams are determined by each player's skill, positioning, turf control, and the presence of any teammates.
  • Any weapon that has a combination of longer range, better accuracy, or higher damage output without sacrificing too much mobility can counter the Splatana Stamper. For example, both the Squeezer and Jet Squelcher and their respective variants meet all of these requirements.
  • Users of long-ranged weapons, such as chargers and other splatlings, outrange an opposing Splatana Stamper user and can fire upon them with impunity. Chargers can also predict where a Splatana Stamper user will be after they go forward from a forward charged slash and splat them before they can fire. However, once the Stamper gets close, it can outmaneuver and outdraw its less mobile, slower firing opponent.
  • A competent Stamper user is likely capable at both flanking and sharking:
    • Keep track of all four members of the opposing team – which ones are present, which ones are splatted, and which ones are back at their spawn point.
    • Check the map periodically for opposing ink forming around flanks to anticipate a flanking attack.
    • To prevent sharking, check suspicious puddles of the opponents' ink, preferably with a thrown sub weapon.
    • Weapons that track opponents, such as Point Sensors, temporarily prevent an opponent from sharking and make them an easier target for long-ranged teammates to pick off.
  • When pursued by a Stamper, using almost any sub weapon (except for Squid Beakons) can either delay their pursuit or deter them from chasing.
  • If an opposing Stamper uses Burst Bombs to threaten and deal damage reliably, consider throwing bombs either into or beyond them to prevent them from travelling any further.
  • When facing an opposing Zipcaster, assess where is a safe place to either reroute an attack or reposition on defense:
    • In general, avoid getting caught near an opponent with Zipcaster for an extended time, but also be wary of opponents waiting to pick off anyone fleeing them.
    • Even while avoiding an opponent's Zipcaster, it is still possible to turf or otherwise influence the area underneath. Long-ranged weapons, thrown sub weapons, and other special weapons (such as a Trizooka or Crab Tank) can splat opponents or dissuade them from occupying themselves with splatting teammates.

Gear abilities

Gear abilities provide different effects in battle that benefit the player with their equipped weapon. This is a guide to gear abilities in relation to the weapon. Strategy, synergy, viability, and purpose may be written here.

Sub Resistance Up

Sub Resistance Up will only reduce the damage taken from opposing sub weapons that are not one-hit-splat but will also reduce the duration of the tracking effects of certain opponent's sub and special weapons, such as Point Sensors and Ink Mines, allowing the user of this ability to evade detection more easily.

  • 3 ability points - one sub - has a lot of utility and therefore should be ran on any weapon.
    • Getting hit by splash damage from a bomb will not make the user visible on the map.
Quick Super Jump

Using Quick Super Jump allows Stamper users to more easily return and retreat to or from the battles.

  • 3 ability points - 1 sub decreases the Super Jump time from 1.33 seconds to 0.97 seconds.
Ink Resistance Up

Every player, including an Splatana Stamper user, is expected to come in contact with the opponent's ink on various surfaces, which can both be damaging and reduce mobility. Ink Resistance Up not only partially offsets the reduction in mobility but also delays the damage taken from contact with opposing ink:

Mains Subs Invulnera-
bility time
Rate of
Run speed
in opposing
ink (DU/f)
Jump height
in opposing
0 0 0 0 0.3 40.0 0.24 0.800
3 0 1 10 0.2 38.0 0.33 0.854
6 0 2 15 0.2 36.2 0.39 0.888
Last-Ditch Effort

Splatana Stampers are an ink-hungry weapon. When equipped, Last-Ditch Effort grants 18 ability points of three different stackable abilities for the last 30 seconds, or when the ranked score is 50 or below. These abilities include:

Ink Saver (Main) is the most useful for the wielder, allowing them reduce the amount of ink consumed by using the weapon in general and more quickly pursue and pressure the opponent upon returning from spawn.

Quick Respawn

Quick Respawn shortens respawn time after getting splatted (under specific conditions), encouraging a Splatana Stamper user to remain aggressive even after getting splatted. However, this ability has since been less viable due to [4.0.0], since the patch nerfed Splatana Stamper's ink consumption, causing the weapon to have more downtime.

  • 16 Ability Points- 1 main and 2 subs, is enough to reduce quick respawn time from 8.5 seconds, to 6.66 seconds.
  • Alternatively, 26 Ability Points works too, 2 mains and 2 subs, decreasing respawn time to 5.8 seconds.
Stealth Jump

Super Jumping to a teammate after respawning carries the risk of getting splatted upon landing, due to the appearance of a Super Jump indicator. When equipped, Stealth Jump better covers this indicator from long distance opponents, allowing its user to more safely return to the front lines and maintain pressure on the opponent.

Drop Roller

Like with Stealth Jump, Drop Roller makes Super Jumping to a teammate less risky.

Swim Speed Up

As a slayer weapon, the Splatana Stamper greatly benefits if it is able to swim faster. Swim Speed Up enables its user to more quickly close the distance towards an opponent, more quickly respond to an opponents' push, or even escape unfavorable situations.

  • 6 ability points - two subs - increase the swim speed from 1.92 DU/f to 2.01 DU/f, which is roughly the same default swimming speed for middleweight weapons.
  • 16 ability points – one main and two subs – increase the swim speed from 1.92 DU/f to 2.14 DU/f.
Ink Saver (Sub)

Ink Saver (Sub) isn't really needed, but can. be helpful to be able to throw 3 Burst Bombs with Last-Ditch Effort.

  • 1 main, 1 sub or 4 subs is enough to lower the cost of Burst Bombs without any points toward Last-Ditch Effort from 40% of an ink tank to 36.93%.

While not as useful as Last-Ditch Effort, if one gets splatted by an enemy, for 20 seconds after you respawn, you gain 6 abilities worth ten ability points of:

Object Shredder

Mostly useful in Rainmaker, this ability helps to destroy barriers such as the Big Bubbler and Rainmaker barrier or to break some special weapons including the Crab Tank and Wave Breaker.

Sub Power Up

A good option. This allows the Splatana Stamper user to throw Burst Bombs farther and faster.

  • 6 ability points - two subs - increase the throwing range and velocity from 11.2 DU to 12.25 DU.
    • More is always welcome, if it can fit.
Ninja Squid

Because the Splatana Stamper can benefit from sharking, being able to remain unseen while submerged can be a great advantage.

Haunt, Ability Doubler, Opening Gambit, Tenacity, Thermal Ink or Respawn Punisher
  • Not recommended. These abilities do not provide as much of a benefit to the Splatana Stamper compared to other abilities.