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For information about the Enperry Splat Dualies, see Enperry Splat Dualies.

Splatoon 2

Enperry Splat Dualies

Enperry Splat Dualies

Abbreviations Dualies, Enperries
Sub Curling Bomb
Special Inkjet
Base damage 30
Base duration
Ink consumption 0.72%
7% (roll)
Special points 200p
Special depletion
Role Slayer[1]
Strengths Splatting, turfing, mobility
Weaknesses Short range (without rolling), poor ink efficiency while rolling


The Enperry Splat Dualies are a classic slayer weapon more focused on mobility than splatting power than its cousin, the Tentatek Splattershot.

  • Compared to the Tentatek Splattershot, the Enperry Splat Dualies are a four-shot splat compared to the Tentatek's three.
    • Despite having a slightly higher fire rate, a four-shot splat means that the Tentatek can splat slightly faster than the Enperries.
      • The higher fire rate allows the Enperries to paint better and maintain map control easier, however.
  • The Enperries have slightly better strafing speed when firing compared to the Tentatek, at 0.8 DU/f compared to 0.72 DU/f.
  • Although the Enperries have better accuracy than the Tentatek, having two reticles makes it more difficult to land shots. Therefore, dodge rolls will be the main method for setting up splats, as the reticles will merge into one and the fire rate will also increase.
    • It is important to note that after dodge rolling twice, the player cannot move for a brief period. Although the user can still shoot, being stuck leaves them open to attack.
  • Dodge rolls have other uses as well, such as to quickly escape bombs that other weapons cannot get away from in time.

While the Curling Bomb is not as versatile as other bombs, it still has a variety of uses:

  • When it travels along any inkable non-vertical surface, it leaves a trail of ink behind, providing a quick avenue to either attack or escape.
  • Keep opponents guessing by sending Curling Bombs towards the opponent without swimming in its trail. Either Ninja Squid or swimming slowly can help avoid detection while swimming in the ink trail.
  • It further assists the main weapon in turfing from a safe distance.
  • When charged, or "cooked" long enough, it can be used to lay insidious bomb traps to hold off pursuers or flush out sharks.
  • Particularly in narrow or closed areas, a Curling Bomb ricocheting off of walls can be a useful distraction to force an opponent to move in a certain direction.

If piloted properly, the Inkjet can pressure opponents – particularly anchors – more directly than most other slayer's special weapons, such as Tenta Missiles:

  • Upon activation, its launching point is marked for all players – teammates and opponents – to see and, as of Version 3.2.0, also indicates when its user will return via super jump, allowing an opponent to camp or shark there. Therefore, it is advised to launch the Inkjet from a less visible and better-protected area.
    • Since the Enperry Splat Dualies can dodge roll, doing so on landing allows its user to better dodge either a potential Inkjet punish or a simple super jump punish, providing a safer landing.
    • Specials are also free ink reloads, allowing the Enperry Splat Dualies user to use a Curling Bomb to potentially escape once the special ends.
  • Its movement speed is determined by both the Enperry Splat Dualies' strafing speed and the number of Run Speed Up ability points equipped.
  • It is also possible to morph into squid/octopus form and swim (in friendly ink) while the special is active. This provides some key benefits:
    • Morphing will halt the jets to enable the pilot to descend, making them a less predictable target.
    • Swimming is faster than flying, enabling an Inkjet pilot to activate the special at a farther distance from opponents and more quickly pursue them.
  • Its altitude depends on the elevation of the surface it is hovering above, enabling it to either fly very high over an elevated structure, such as the glass roof in Shellendorf Institute, or hover high enough to challenge an opponent on a perch.
    • However, the Inkjet cannot achieve thrust off of grates or mesh, causing its pilot to merely walk on them. Avoid hovering over them to maintain altitude.
    • Pressing the B button will provide a temporary extra thrust. Mastery of both boosting and descending (see above) is necessary for Inkjet pilots to become less predictable for long-ranged opponents to track and pick off.
  • Its mobility enables it to reach areas that are otherwise not easily accessible — or even inaccessible, such as over the glass enclosures in Kelp Dome.
  • The Inkjet's cannon fires long-ranged, Rainmaker-like bursts of ink that splat opponents in one direct hit or two to four indirect hits:
    • Lead the Inkjet's shots to compensate for their slightly slower travel speed, especially when positioned farther from an intended target.
    • Its splash damage can splat opponents positioned behind obstacles, varying from 30 to 50 damage; the closer the shot to the opponent, the more damage it deals.
  • If an Inkjet falls out of bounds, such as into the water, its pilot will land back onto the location of launch — or the most previous point of solid ground. Therefore, the Inkjet can save a player from an out-of-bounds splat in a pinch. You can also use this to your advantage. When being pressured by the enemy team, going into water can save you from being splatted.


  • Due to how the Enperry Splat Dualies relies on rolls to set up splats, it will touch enemy ink frequently and take damage. Weapons that use Main Power Up, such as the Kensa Splattershot Pro, Custom Dualie Squelchers, and the Bamboozlers not only have a range advantage, but can splat the Enperries faster than the Enperries can splat them.
  • A charger can not only outrange the Enperry Splat Dualies, but can also predict where the Enperries will be after a roll and splat them before they can fire.

Gear Abilities

Gear abilities provide different effects in battle that benefit the player with their equipped weapon. This is a guide to gear abilities in relation to the weapon. Strategy, synergy, viability, and purpose may be written here.


Unless an Enperry Splat Dualies user is on an extended splatting streak, they can expect to get splatted often. When equipped, Comeback grants 10 ability points of six different stackable abilities for twenty seconds after respawning from getting splatted by an opponent:

Ink Saver (Main) and Swim Speed Up are the most useful for the wielder, allowing them reduce the amount of ink consumed by dodge rolls (9% to 7.77%) and more quickly pursue and pressure the opponent upon returning from spawn. Special Charge Up also allows the wielder to obtain Inkjet faster on respawn.

Quick Respawn

Quick Respawn shortens respawn time after getting splatted (under specific conditions), encouraging a Enperries user to remain aggressive even after getting splatted.

  • 26 ability points – two mains and two subs – are enough to reduce the respawn time from 8.5 seconds to 5.8 seconds.
Stealth Jump

Super Jumping to a teammate after respawning carries the risk of getting splatted upon landing, due to the appearance of a Super Jump indicator. When equipped, Stealth Jump better covers this indicator from long distance opponents, allowing its user to more safely return to the front lines and maintain pressure on the opponent.

Swim Speed Up

As a short-ranged weapon that excels at flanking, the Enperry Splat Dualies greatly benefits if it is able to swim faster. Swim Speed Up enables its user to more quickly close the distance towards an opponent, more quickly respond to an opponents' push, or even escape unfavorable situations.

  • 6 ability points - two subs - increase the swim speed from 1.92 DU/f to 2.01 DU/f, which is roughly the same default swimming speed for lightweight weapons.
  • 16 ability points – one main and two subs – increase the swim speed from 1.92 DU/f to 2.14 DU/f.[2]
Bomb Defense Up DX

Bomb Defense Up DX will not only reduce the damage taken from opposing sub and special weapons that are not one-hit-splat but will also reduce the duration of the tracking effects of certain opponent's sub and special weapons, such as Point Sensors and Ink Mines, allowing the user of this ability to evade detection more easily.

  • 3 ability points - one sub - has a lot of utility and therefore should be ran on any weapon.. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Ink Armor will not break due to splash damage from bombs and other explosives that do 30 damage.
    • Two near-misses from Inkjet, two bumps from a Baller, and splash damage from two bubbles from Bubble Blower will not splat the user.
    • Getting hit by splash damage from a bomb will not make the user visible on the map.
Main Power Up

Increases damage to 33.3 with 32 AP. This can be reached with 2 mains and 4 subs.

Special Power Up

Makes the Inkjet last longer and slightly increases the splash damage radius of shots.

Run Speed Up

Not only does this help with strafing during combat, and improves movement, but it also boosts the speed of the Inkjet.

Ink Saver (Main)

Mainly used to reduce ink consumption for rolls, as they use 7% of the ink tank.

Splatoon 3

Enperry Splat Dualies

Enperry Splat Dualies

Abbreviations Dualies, Enperries
Sub Curling Bomb
Special Triple Splashdown
Base damage 30
Base duration
Ink consumption 0.72%
7% (roll)
Special points 190p
Special depletion
Role Slayer[3]
Strengths Splatting, turfing, mobility
Weaknesses Short range (without dodge roll), poor ink efficiency while rolling