Competitive:Triple Inkstrike

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Triple Inkstrike

Triple Inkstrike

Base damage 100
Base duration
Ink consumption
Special points
Special depletion
Strengths Great for Displacement, can be thrown in different areas, good throwing range for deploying at a distance. Good DPS
Weaknesses Easy to escape, vulnerable when deployed; Cannot swim or use main or sub weapon.


The Triple Inkstrike is great as a Displacement tool and can help turn the tides. However, the player will be unable to swim or use their main/sub weapons on activation. It is best to use this in an area that is safe to deploy in.

As of now, the Triple Inkstrike is a part of the Slosher, Rapid Blaster, Splat Brella, and the Tentatek Splattershot's kits.

A single Inkstrike can defeat a Booyah Bomb.