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This article discusses content that is not part of the official Splatoon series but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.
For information about the Angle Shooter, see Angle Shooter.
Angle Shooter

Angle Shooter

Base damage
Base duration AOE: 2 seconds; Tracking: 6 seconds
Ink consumption 40%
Special points
Special depletion
Strengths Extreme range and travel speed, low ink cost, instant ink puddle
Weaknesses Difficult to aim, low damage, short duration

The Angle Shooter is a sub weapon in Splatoon 3. Similar to the Point Sensor, the Angle Shooter can track opponents, however it also has the ability to damage them. Sub Power Up increases the Angle Shooter's tracking duration.


When thrown, the Angle Shooter leaves a trail which tracks any opponent that touches it. The tracking duration without Sub Power Up is six seconds after throwing; with the line lingering for two seconds.

  • Throwing an Angle Shooter so the line appears directly in an opponent's path is the most consistent method for tracking opponents.

If the Angle Shooter strikes a wall, it will bounce off of it in the opposite direction. If it strikes the floor, it will rebound at a shallow angle.

  • Aiming an Angle Shooter so that it strikes the floor between the user and the target is equally effective as aiming at the target directly.
  • Throwing Angle Shooters in enclosed areas will make it more difficult for opponents to avoid them.
  • If an opponent has their back to a wall, it can be a good idea to aim at the wall behind them to increase the chance that they will be tracked.

The Angle Shooter will deal a small amount of damage to an opponent it hits directly, and it will create a splotch of ink when it hits a surface or target.

  • Hitting an opponent with an Angle Shooter can be a good way to initiate a fight, as the opponent will be tracked, damaged, and have the ground beneath them inked.
  • Angle shooters can finish off damaged opponents who try to retreat outside the range of the user's main weapon.

Angle Shooters also have strong defensive utility.

  • The Angle Shooter has incredible range, even outranging the E-liter 4K Scope, and can be used to poke at extreme distances and apply pressure to stall enemy pushes.
  • Angle Shooters can be used to instantly ink the spot directly beneath the user, should they get stuck in enemy ink.
  • Angle shooters can also be used to call out the position of flanking or sharking opponents for the user's teammates.
  • In Rainmaker and Tower Control, the Angle Shooter is especially effective against the opponent(s) controlling the objective.
    • The slow speed of the Rainmaker carrier and small area atop the Tower make these opponents easier targets.
    • The Angle Shooter's range allows it to bypass opponents pushing ahead of the objective.

The major aspects of the Angle Shooter - dealing near-instant damage at a distance and behind cover, marking opponents and inking surfaces - make it an extremely flexible sub weapon, though due to its lack of specialization, it requires the user to take full advantage of each aspect to justify using it over other, more specialized sub weapons.


The Angle Shooter is a useful weapon for damaging opponents regardless of distance, but this makes it difficult for other weapons to aid it. Nonetheless, there are ways for a team to build around the sub to increase its value.

  • Weapons that deal just over 30 or 60 damage are the best combo with an Angle Shooter. Burst Bombs and the .96 Gal Deco both pair well with an Angle Shooter weapon.
  • Weapons with Angle Shooter can support allies in fights from a distance. Throwing the sub at an enemy engaged with a teammate will provide a distraction, if not additional chip damage.


The Angle Shooter is a sub that's difficult to dodge, but ultimately has little effect on the player. If no other threats exist, a stray Angle Shooter can usually be ignored.

  • The trail can always be avoided by either jumping over it or swimming under it.
  • Angle Shooters can bounce off of walls. It should therefore be noted that areas behind cover will not always be safe from Angle Shooters.
    • If a player has taken a lot of damage, they should be extra cautious of the sub until they can heal.
  • The Angle Shooter's damage is low, meaning that a player hit by one or two can often escape before being splatted.
  • Many of the Angle Shooter's weapons are long ranged. This makes them highly threatening at a distance, but vulnerable up close.
  • The Angle Shooter's tracking duration is quite short; it can be a good idea to passively wait it out from outside the sightlines of the Angle Shooter user.
    • This is especially true for weapons reliant on flanking or sharking, such as a Carbon Roller Deco.