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This article discusses content that is not part of the official Splatoon series but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.
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Splatoon 2

Ultra Stamp

Ultra Stamp

Abbreviations Hammer, Stamp
Base damage 40 (stamp splash)
100 (stamp direct hit)
30 (throw min. splash)
60 (throw splash)
120 (throw direct hit)
Base duration
Ink consumption
Special points
Special depletion
Strengths Splatting power, high object damage, can destroy bombs[1]
Weaknesses Vulnerable from the sides and back while rushing, inconsistent protection from the front while rushing, inconsistent hitboxes[2]

The Ultra Stamp is one of the least common specials in Splatoon 2, only appearing on five weapon sets. Similarly to Inkjet, it is an aggressive special primarily found on slayer weapons that takes a lot of time to master.


The Ultra Stamp is unique among other specials due to having three options for attacking opponents, with each method of attack having their own utility.

  • Holding will cause the user to repeatedly slam the Ultra Stamp onto the ground while rushing forward and turfing a path behind the user.
    • This method can be used to carve paths through enemy defenses and lead pushes.[3] However, take care not to overextend too much into enemy territory. While the Ultra Stamp does block shots from the front, this only occurs when the stamp is on the floor. Weapons with fast fire rates, such as splatlings, can easily shoot an Ultra Stamp even from the front, and other weapons can simply swim to the side or behind and shoot the Ultra Stamp user if they rush in alone.[4]
    • Rushing with the Ultra Stamp for an extended period of time makes the user predictable in movement due to its poor turning, allowing opponents to easily dodge to the side or get behind the user and splat them.[4] Long-ranged weapons such as chargers and splatlings can predict movement and shoot the user from a safe distance as well.
    • Since the Ultra Stamp is bad at turning when rushing, remember that the user can still swim in friendly ink as usual when using this special. Combining this with a jump swing (see the next attacking method) will allow the user to easily change direction and attack opponents.
    • It is recommended to spot opponents and know their locations before rushing with the Ultra Stamp to avoid wasting time.[3]
    • The rush mode also has some utility outside of splatting opponents, as it can destroy bombs that come into contact with even its shockwaves and has good object damage against brella shields, the Rainmaker shield, Splash Walls, and special weapons such as Baller, Booyah Bomb armor, Bubble Blower, and Ink Armor.[2][5]
      • Note that as the Rainmaker shield takes damage, it will expand and damage the Ultra Stamp user, potentially splatting them quickly. To avoid this, periodically perform Squid Rolls as the barrier inflates to circle back and continue hammering at it.
  • Pressing after jumping or while in midair will cause the user to swing the Ultra Stamp around them.
    • Sharking with the Ultra Stamp or swimming up to opponents and popping out with a jump swing is a reliable way to splat them.[5] In addition, this jump swing is particularly effective at hitting opponents on ledges, and can even be used to swat Splashdowns out of the air.[4][6]
    • When it comes to rushing by holding , it is highly advised to begin with this jump swing, then hold to begin rushing. The first slam from rushing has considerable end lag, but this jump swing has less end lag and transitions better into the rush mode.[3]
    • Note that unlike the rush mode, this jump swing will not deflect shots.
  • Pressing will throw the Ultra Stamp, ending the special.
    • Generally it is best to save this attack until the special nears the end of its duration to maximize use.[4] However, there are some instances in which the user would want to throw the Ultra Stamp early, such as...
      • to safely attack a long-ranged weapon where rushing or swimming up to them is not possible,...
      • to deny areas on narrow, linear stages, or...[5]
      • the opponents have been wiped and there is no further use for the special.
    • Since the Ultra Stamp is so large, opponents will usually see the stamp being tossed at them and move out of the way. Either predict their movement and have the thrown stamp land where they are going to be, or look away from the opponent and quickly snap the camera around and then throw it to catch them off guard.[3]
    • The Ultra Stamp can be used to rapidly paint a path for some objectives, such as the Rainmaker or a Power Clam: much like the Kraken Royale, it can also be used as a sort of shield for the objective while doing this.