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Dread Wringer

Dread Wringer

Abbreviations Dread, Wringer
Sub S3 Weapon Sub Suction Bomb Flat.png Suction Bomb
Special S3 Weapon Special Reefslider.png Reefslider
Base damage ? - 48 (first slosh)
? - 42 (second slosh)
Base duration
Ink consumption 10% (swinging) [1]
Special points
Special depletion
Role Skirmisher/Support Flex
Strengths Spacing, high damage
Weaknesses Bad mobility, vulnerable when rushed down, Reefslider can put Wringer in bad positions
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For information about the Dread Wringer, see Dread Wringer.

Splatoon 3


The Dread Wringer is a middleweight weapon which can splat enemies somewhat inconsistently, with three sloshes of ink needed to splat players, and sloshing twice every shot.

  • It can be great in areas with lots of turf painted in its own color, as that can help with its poor mobility.
  • Its special, the Reefslider, can be used to chase down weakened opponents, and the 70 damage from the explosion can combine with its 42/48 damage to create a fatal attack.


  • Though it paints better than most other Sloshers, the Dread Wringer isn't the best at painting, yet needs space to move around in to maximize its ability to keep enemies out.
    • So, good painting weapons like the Jet Squelcher can paint the stage for the Dread Wringer.


  • The Dread Wringer, while strong, fires slow, making it vulnerable to be shot down by slayers, such as the Splattershot.
  • This slosher is rather slow, so Anchors such as the E-liter 4K can splat it from a distance without the Dread Wringer user swimming away too quickly.
  • If it ever tries to unleash its Reefslider, its opponents can rush it down after the explosion, as it could be way too vulnerable to defend itself. Reefslider is also vulnerable to lethal bombs after the explosion due to the endlag, so throwing a bomb at the user's feet can splat them.
  • The Dread Wringer uses a substantial amount of ink with each slosh. Depending on the main weapon, it may be a good idea to wait for the Dread Wringer to use a few sloshes, or its bomb, and then quickly rush it down.

Gear abilities

Gear abilities provide different effects in battle that benefit the player with their equipped weapon. This is a guide to gear abilities in relation to the weapon. Strategy, synergy, viability, and purpose may be written here.

S Ability Ink Saver (Main).png Ink Saver (Main)

Ink Saver (Main) is a great ability that can help the player attack enemies more, especially when it does not have any space to breathe.

S Ability Ink Recovery Up.png Ink Recovery Up

Ink Recovery Up is a useful ability that can be used alongside with Ink Saver (Main), as it helps the Wringer recover its ink faster during the weapon's downtime.

S Ability Swim Speed Up.png Swim Speed Up

As mentioned before, the Dread Wringer is a slow weapon, so abilities like Swim Speed Up would help it fight or flee in battle.

S3 Ability Special Power Up.png Special Power Up

Special Power Up increases the paint and damage radius of Reefslider. In Splat Zones, this can be used to instantly take control of smaller Splat Zones. Despite the user most likely getting splatted after using Reefslider, this can be used to prevent an early knockout or losing the lead by resetting the opponent's penalty.