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This article discusses content that is not part of the official Splatoon series but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.
For information about the Custom Goo Tuber, see Custom Goo Tuber.

Splatoon 2

Custom Goo Tuber

Custom Goo Tuber

Abbreviations Custom Goo, Custom G.T.
Sub Curling Bomb
Special Inkjet
Base damage 40-130 (Partial Charge)
180 (Full Charge)
Base duration
Ink consumption 2% (No charge)
15% (Full charge)
Special points 170p
Special depletion
Role Slayer/Anchor
Strengths Long charge hold, quick transition from squid to kid form with a charge, can splat with partial charges, long ranged tap shots
Weaknesses Range, charge time, outclassed by Fresh Squiffer

Like the vanilla variant, the Custom Goo Tuber is able to store a charge for much longer than other chargers. In addition, it also can splat with partial charges and has longer ranged tap shots. The weapon itself and the kit however, is outclassed by the Fresh Squiffer which has more notable strengths and a lethal bomb.


The Goo Tuber's strengths allow the weapon to play as a slayer, while the range can also allow it to play an anchor.

  • Like with other chargers, the Custom Goo Tuber needs to charge before firing.
    • Tap shots deal the lowest damage of all of them, but the range of tap shots go much further than other chargers and even outranges some short ranged shooters. Tap shots should be used to quickly turf or get an Inkjet.
    • Partial charges deal more damage than tap shots, but deal less damage than full charge shots. Unlike other chargers however, it is possible to splat opponents even with partial charges, allowing versatility to the user.
      • Main Power Up can lessen the amount of a charge needed to splat enemies.
    • Full charges deal the most damage and have the most range. Full charges should be used mainly to splat enemies although they are not the only way to splat them.
  • The Goo Tuber's main notable strength is its charge hold, which works differently than other chargers.
    • Most notably is its long charge hold, lasting for 5 seconds.
    • The Goo Tuber can also store partial charges, giving the user more flexibility on if it can store a charge when rushed by an opponent.
    • The transition from squid to kid form with a charge is quicker than with other chargers, which can be used to surprise opponents.
  • With all these strengths, the Goo Tuber does have some weaknesses:
    • The long charge time of the weapon slows the user down when it comes to splatting opponents.
    • Its range is much shorter compared to other chargers. Other chargers or even longer ranged weapons can comfortably splat the user without getting in danger.

While the Curling Bomb is not as versatile as other bombs, it still has a couple practical uses for the Custom Goo Tuber user:

  • When charged, or "cooked" long enough, it can be used to lay bomb traps to hold off pursuers or flush out sharks. However, the time needed to charge it makes this tactic situational at best.[1]
  • Particularly in narrow or closed areas, a Curling Bomb ricocheting off of walls can be a useful distraction to force an opponent to move in a certain direction.
  • A Curling Bomb also further assists the main weapon in turfing from a safe distance.
  • While it can pave a trail of ink to either turf the ground or pave an escape route, tap shots also do this at half the ink cost. The shots won't go as far however.
  • A Curling Bomb can damage or destroy an opponent's brella shield, Splash Wall, or Baller or the Rainmaker shield, while detonating on contact.
    • Any opponents caught within the Curling Bomb's explosion will get damaged or splatted.[2] However, due to the small blast radius, this is more difficult to pull off than with a more conventional bomb.
    • It will also inflate or pop a teammate's bubbles but deflate or diffuse an opponent's bubbles, while still detonating on contact.[3] Again, due to Curling Bombs only sliding on the ground, this is also not practical enough to exploit.
  • An opponent's Splashdown, Booyah Bomb, or Ultra Stamp will defuse any Curling Bombs it touches, so hold off throwing them until after the special weapon finishes.

If piloted properly, the Inkjet can pressure opponents – particularly anchors – more directly than most other slayer's special weapons, such as Baller or Ultra Stamp:

  • Upon activation, its launching point is marked for all players – teammates and opponents – to see and, as of Version 3.2.0, also indicates when its user will return via super jump, allowing an opponent to camp or shark there. Therefore, it is advised to launch the Inkjet from a less visible and better-protected area.
    • Drop Roller allows its user to better dodge either a potential Inkjet punish or a simple super jump punish, providing a safer landing.
    • Specials are also free ink reloads, allowing the Fresh Squiffer user to drop a Suction Bomb upon landing after the special ends.
  • Its movement speed is determined by both the Fresh Squiffer's strafing speed and the number of Run Speed Up ability points equipped.
  • It is also possible to morph into squid/octopus form and swim (in friendly ink) while the special is active. This provides some key benefits:
    • Morphing will halt the jets to enable the pilot to descend, making them a less predictable target.
    • Swimming is faster than flying, enabling an Inkjet pilot to activate the special at a farther distance from opponents and more quickly pursue them.
  • Its altitude depends on the elevation of the surface it is hovering above, enabling it to either fly very high over an elevated structure, such as the glass roof in Shellendorf Institute, or hover high enough to challenge an opponent on a perch.
    • However, the Inkjet cannot achieve thrust off of grates or mesh, causing its pilot to merely walk on them. Avoid hovering over them to maintain altitude.
    • Pressing the B button will provide a temporary extra thrust. Mastery of both boosting and descending (see above) is necessary for Inkjet pilots to become less predictable for long-ranged opponents to track and pick off.
  • Its mobility enables it to reach areas that are otherwise not easily accessible — or even inaccessible, such as over the glass enclosures in Kelp Dome.
  • The Inkjet's cannon fires long-ranged, Rainmaker-like bursts of ink that splat opponents in one direct hit or two to four indirect hits:
    • Lead the Inkjet's shots to compensate for their slightly slower travel speed, especially when positioned farther from an intended target.
    • Its splash damage can splat opponents positioned behind obstacles, varying from 30 to 50 damage; the closer the shot to the opponent, the more damage it deals.
  • If an Inkjet falls out of bounds, such as into the water, its pilot will land back onto the location of launch — or the most previous point of solid ground. Therefore, the Inkjet can save a player from an out-of-bounds splat in a pinch. You can also use this to your advantage. When being pressured by the enemy team, going into water can save you from being splatted.


The Custom Goo Tuber's range and one-shot splat potential allow its user to maintain spatial control and pressure without having to thoroughly ink large swaths of turf. However, its requirement to charge before firing leaves its user vulnerable at close range. Therefore, it is generally advised not to add more than one other long-ranged weapon to a team composition for a few reasons:[4]

  • A team with too many long-ranged weapons will have fewer mobile weapons that can quickly capture turf and wrest control of the objective, hindering its ability to begin an effective push into the opponents' territory. Such a team will also have difficulty breaking out of an opponent's spawn camp.
  • Longer-ranged weapons, such as the Foil Squeezer, are generally less effective at close range, so a team with too many of them is more prone to getting flanked and sharked than usual.

While quicker and more efficient at turfing than most other chargers, the Custom Goo Tuber still turfs less efficiently than many typical slayer weapons, such as the Splash-o-matic and the Splattershot. A team whose composition lacks sufficient turfing ability will struggle to maintain map control, which can make games seem like a constant uphill battle:[4]

  • A team whose composition lacks enough turfing ability can be rendered immobile if the other team dominates map control.
  • A lack of turfing also makes it difficult to alter the course of a game, even after wiping out the other team.

While Curling Bombs technically count as a lethal bomb, they function much differently from a traditional Splat or Suction Bomb. Due to this, it is still important to have conventional lethal bombs in a team composition. Splat or Suction Bombs provide its user's team many advantages over another team that has no lethal bombs in its composition:[4]

  • Their one-hit-splat offers its user's team chances of instantly gaining a numbers advantage, from which a game-winning push can arise.
  • Their lethal explosion provides space for its user's team to either push into an area held by the opponent or stall an opponent's push.
  • The turf inked by the resulting explosion contributes to both maintaining map control and building up the special gauge.

The Inkjet is particularly vulnerable while flying, due to its larger hitbox and slow air speed. Having a teammate with Ink Armor will increase the Inkjet's survivability and allow them to play more aggressively.


The countermeasures to the Custom Goo Tuber are more prominently displayed when the weapon is being used as a slayer.

  • When in battle, numerous weapons outrange and bombard this weapon with range and facile inking technique. This provides the charger with a vulnerability that is difficult to master.
  • Weapons in the splatling class have an advantage with many aspects of the anchor role. Facets such as range factor into playing as the Custom Goo Tuber, for weapons like the Heavy Splatling have an intense superiority in range. The weapon is outclassed in other weapons in it's class [5]

Gear abilities

Splatoon 3

Custom Goo Tuber

Custom Goo Tuber

Abbreviations Custom Goo, Custom G.T., CGoo, Blue-Tuber
Sub Fizzy Bomb
Special Ultra Stamp
Base damage 40-130 (Partial Charge)
180 (Full Charge)
Base duration
Ink consumption 2% (No charge)
15% (Full charge)
Special points 200p
Special depletion
Role Slayer
Strengths Long charge hold, quick transition from squid to kid form with a charge, can splat with partial charges, long ranged tap shots
Weaknesses Range, charge time

The Custom Goo Tuber returns in Splatoon 3, this time coming with Fizzy Bombs and Ultra Stamp.


  • Tap shots are weak, but have more range than most chargers and even some other slayer weapons. Tap shots should be used to charge the Ultra Stamp.
  • The Custom Goo Tuber has 2 charge levels, the first deals over 100 damage, the second has the longest range, damage, and pierces.
    • Partial charges should be used to fight opponents engaging the player.
  • The Custom Goo Tuber's main gimmick is its charge hold.
    • Its charge hold lasts for 5 seconds, much longer than other chargers.
    • The Custom Goo Tuber can hold any level of charge, so it can quickly reposition can continue charging.
    • The Custom Goo Tuber resurfaces very quickly after emerging from squid form while holding a charge.

While possessing some strengths, the Custom Goo Tuber has its fair share of weaknesses as well.

  • It has quite a long charge time, so maximum range and damage will take time.
  • It also has a low range compared to other charges and slayers, making it vulnerable out of range.

This custom-branded variant also comes with Fizzy Bombs.

  • Fizzy Bombs can be used to quickly paint a straight line for the player to swim in when they need a quick burst of mobility.
  • Fizzy Bombs can combo with partial charges easily.
  • Fizzy Bombs can cause a lingering area of explosions, denying a small space.
  • Throwing charged Fizzy Bombs can be used to charge special.
  • Fizzy Bombs do have a considerable amount of whiting frames, so use them wisely.

Ultra Stamp has some uses as well.

  • Use Ultra Stamp when the opposing team is making a push to swiftly stop it.
  • Ultra Stamp can also be used to start a push for your team. Allow them to swim behind the area inked by the Ultra Stamp.
  • Oftentimes, activating Ultra Stamp just to throw it is a wise decision. The Custom Goo Tuber often plays at range, so throwing the Ultra Stamp can take out enemies and provide an ink refill.


The Custom Goo Tuber can receive support from allies.

  • Faster-paced slayer weapons such as the Splash-o-matic can help it survive in battle when opponents are closing in.
  • The Custom Goo Tuber does not paint as well, so having weapons such as the Tentatek Splattershot or Splatana Wiper to help with turf coverage can help change the course of a game.
  • Having more longer ranged weapons is not advised with a few exceptions, as it usually makes the player's team less mobile and have less paint control.


  • Weapons with higher range than the Custom Goo Tuber, such as the Jet Squelcher or the Ballpoint Splatling in second stage firing. Weapons like these can take care of the Goo Tuber without getting within its lethal range.
  • Weapons with better turf coverage than it also typically do better in fights against it, such as the N-ZAP '85 or Dapple Dualies.
  • Splatlings also have been known to be a counter to the Custom Goo Tuber, with generally higher range, strafe speed, and firing power. This is especially true with the Heavy Edit Splatling, which has extremely high strafe speeds and firing speed.

Gear Abilities

Swim Speed Up

Swim Speed Up can be useful on the Custom Goo Tuber as having higher swim speed can allow it to retreat and reposition faster. Having higher swim speed also works well with its charge hold, which can allow it to dodge shots, and then jump up to retaliate.

Ink Resistance Up

The player is bound to walk into enemy ink while fighting, as it does not paint its own feet that well. Having Ink Resistance Up can help cover this weakness, as it helps the player take less damage and move faster in enemy ink. With a weapon that relies on its charge hold, which is most useful in the player's ink color, this ability helps the player perform better.

Ink Saver (Sub)

While Fizzy Bombs are not that costly of a sub, having more shots after throwing a Fizzy Bomb can be useful. It helps the player fight for longer in battles without needing to retreat.

Special Charge Up

The Custom Goo Tuber does not have a high special output. Having Special Charge Up allow the weapon to charge its Ultra Stamps can allow it to use it more often and get more lethal throws.

Intensify Action

While it is not recommended to run big amounts of this ability, one or even two subs of Intensify Action can help the Custom Goo Tuber with mobility. It has a long charge hold time, so having extra momentum after squid rolls can be useful, and the extra squid surge speed is also useful.

In competitive play

The Custom Goo Tuber has just been released only recently, so it has not been seeing much competitive use. But, players think that this weapon may not be used in competitive any time soon, as the main weapon and its special weapon are both weak.


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