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This article discusses content that is not part of the official Splatoon series but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.
For information about the Custom Douser Dualies FF, see Custom Douser Dualies FF.

Splatoon 3

Custom Douser Dualies FF

Custom Douser Dualies FF

Abbreviations C-Dousers
Sub Burst Bomb
Special Triple Inkstrike
Base damage 25.5
Base duration
Ink consumption 1.2%
10% (Dodge Roll)
Special points 200p
Special depletion
Role Anchor[1], Support/Slayer Flex[2]
Strengths Range, versatility, high DPS in turret mode
Weaknesses Low fire rate and damage, single Dodge Roll consumes a lot of ink and leaves little room for error

The Custom Douser Dualies FF is the alternative variant of the Douser Dualies FF, with a loadout of Burst Bomb and Triple Inkstrike. It has the longest range of any dualie, and compared to long-range shooters, the Custom Douser Dualies FF slightly outranges the Squeezer, but is just shy of the Jet Squelcher. It can perform just one Dodge Roll at a time, and the distance travelled is further than other dualies. After rolling, the range is shorter, around the range of the Dualie Squelchers, but the fire rate, shot velocity and accuracy increase drastically, at the cost of high ink consumption. Because of these qualities, the Custom Douser Dualies FF finds itself positioned further back than most weapons, much like an anchor, but also flexes between a support and a slayer-type role.[1][2][3]


  • The Custom Douser Dualies FF's main strength is its range in its spread mode, which also has a fairly fast strafing speed. This mode should be used most of the time, which can pressure opponents at range, and provide long-range chip damage and turfing support for teammates. At 25.5 damage per shot, they will need 4 shots to splat an opponent.[2]
    • In this mode, the weapon outranges a large amount of weapons in the game, so use this to your advantage. Try to stay in your most effective range, as they have poor fall-off damage.[2]
  • Dodge Rolls must be used more strategically compared to the other dualies, and should be used sparingly. As it only has one Dodge Roll, this leaves little room for error. They should mainly be used for confirmed splats on opponents, or as a defensive measure if you find yourself being rushed down.[2]
    • The long Dodge Roll distance of the weapon can be used to pursue and splat fleeing opponents.[4]
    • Although the range in turret mode is shorter, the range in this mode outranges a number of short-ranged weapons.[4]
  • Burst Bombs can help with the weapon's damage. The main weapon will be able to splat an opponent in two shots after a direct hit with a Burst Bomb, or three with an indirect. It can also make its matchups against certain weapons such as Range Blaster more favorable by limiting its movement.[5]
    • They can also help the weapon in being more consistent with hitting its shots, and is able to be positioned much more aggressively as a result.[6]


  • Due to the weapon's long range, it is more able to safely use its Triple Inkstrike special from further back.[7]
  • While Burst Bombs help with the weapon's overall damage and combos well with its Dodge Roll, it is also useful for chip damage for teammates, playing into its supportive role.[7]
  • The Custom Douser Dualies FF favors stages with flat, open terrain, and performs well on stages such as Crableg Capital, Barnacle & Dime, and Undertow Spillway:[8]
    • On Crableg Capital, the weapon can take advantage of the various uninkable grates with Run Speed Up.
    • Barnacle & Dime has several areas the weapon can take advantage of, with some flat and open terrain in the middle and upper sides of the stage, as well as more enclosed, sloped areas which the Dodge Roll can take advantage of.
    • Undertow Spillway caters to the weapon's long range, featuring long and narrow routes, being able to reach the enemy's snipe area from the middle of the stage, high ground near the spawn area being able to fire at enemies safely, and several spots to utilize the weapon's long Dodge Roll to catch opponents off guard, particularly around the pillar structures.


Gear abilities

Gear abilities provide different effects in battle that benefit the player with their equipped weapon. This is a guide to gear abilities in relation to the weapon. Strategy, synergy, viability, and purpose may be written here.

The Custom Douser Dualies FF runs many of the same abilities as its original variant, but it tends to have less gear freedom. The weapon also notably runs more ink efficiency abilities, mainly to mitigate the ink consumption from throwing Burst Bombs. This also helps with builds that use Last-Ditch Effort, as there will sometimes be games where the ability does not activate.[9]

Run Speed Up

Since the weapon mainly uses its spread mode, Run Speed Up will improve its strafing speed, while also helping it to paint more effectively. 1 main, or at the very least 2 subs of Run Speed Up is recommended.[1][9]

Intensify Action

This ability works somewhat well on the weapon to improve its jump accuracy, as they can utilize dualie hopping. Only 1 sub is recommended.[9]

Stealth Jump

While the weapon plays further back than most weapons, Stealth Jump is one of the best abilities in the game, and is likely the best Shoes-exclusive ability for the weapon.[9]

Quick Super Jump Special Saver Ink Resistance Up

One sub of each is recommended as utility subs. Special Saver is considered mandatory on the weapon due to the lack of Special Charge Up.[9]


As with the original variant, the various abilities Comeback provides are extremely beneficial for the weapon, and is recommended to use on Clam Blitz, Tower Control, and Rainmaker.[9]

Last-Ditch Effort

Recommended on Splat Zones. This ability is also recommended on some stages on Tower Control and Rainmaker that tend to snowball.[9]

Ink Saver (Main)

Helps with the weapon's ink efficiency in general, but especially after throwing a Burst Bomb. This allows the weapon to fire for longer after throwing a Burst Bomb compared to if it was running Ink Saver (Sub). 2 subs is recommended.[9]

Ink Recovery Up

Allows the weapon to have less downtime after throwing a Burst Bomb. 1 sub is recommended.[9]

Sub Power Up

Allows Burst Bombs to be thrown farther. 2 subs of Sub Power Up makes it so the range is around the weapon's max range in its normal firing mode.[9]

In competitive play

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