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Ink Vac

Ink Vac

Base damage 220 (Explosion)
220 (Projectile)
Base duration
Ink consumption
Special points
Special depletion
Strengths Protecting teammates and objectives, slowing down enemies, enemies can't deflect Ink Vac's projectile and explosion using the Squid Surge
Weaknesses Can't go into squid form while aiming the projectile of ink, slow moving projectile, players can easily overwhelm Ink Vac user, unable to attack until suction ends
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Splatoon 3


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Reason: This list may not contain all the things the Ink Vac can suck up

The Ink Vac is known to suck up damaging projectiles and inking droplets as well as the following sub and special weapons:

The Ink Vac's suction vortex can also apply object damage to the following:



  • The Splatana, Roller, and Brush classes can use their melee attacks, which are not absorbed by the Ink Vac, to damage the user. Some special weapons, such as Reefslider, Zipcaster, and Ultra Stamp can damage and splat the Ink Vac user with direct damage.
  • Weapons with a high fire rate such as the Crab Tank's normal firing mode, the Hydra Splatling, and the Heavy Edit Splatling can fill up the Ink Vac and splat the user before they can fire the ink shot.
  • An Ink Vac user will not be protected if they are engulfed in a Booyah Bomb or Triple Inkstrike, although they are able to protect teammates who are.

In competitive play

For much of the game's lifespan, Ink Vac was considered one of the weakest specials in the game. It wouldn't be until Version 4.1.0 that Ink Vac would be considered much more viable. In this update, the radius of the Ink Vac's ink shot was increased, allowing the Ink Vac to clear out a larger area and even instantly gain control of some Splat Zones. Furthermore, with the release of the Ballpoint Splatling Nouveau in Drizzle Season 2023, this variant of the Ballpoint Splatling would start to see use in some game modes such as Splat Zones and Rainmaker. Weapons such as the Jet Squelcher would also start to see more use.