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This article discusses content that is not part of the official Splatoon series but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.
For information about the Aerospray PG, see Aerospray PG.


Aerospray PG

Aerospray PG

Abbreviations Aero, PG
Sub Burst Bomb
Special Kraken
Base damage 24.5
Base duration
Ink consumption 0.5%
Special points
Special depletion 60%
Role Support/Skirmisher
Strengths Turfing, mobility, ink efficiency, has Kraken as a safety net and allows it to play more aggressively[1]
Weaknesses Weak in most one-on-one encounters due to poor accuracy and short range

Similar to its variants, the Aerospray PG is a weapon with a high fire rate and turfing. Unlike its RG variant, the inclusion of a bomb help the weapon with splatting and the Kraken gives the weapon more options than its MG variant.


The Aerospray PG works slightly differently than in Splatoon 2.

  • The weapon deals slightly less damage, dealing 24.5 damage instead of 24 damage.
  • The Aerospray PG consumes 0.5% of the ink tank instead of 0.55%.
  • Accuracy is better in Splatoon, with the angle of shots deviating by 12 degrees both on the ground and jumping, instead of shots deviating by 13 degrees on the ground and 16 degrees while jumping.
  • The weapon is less mobile, being middleweight instead of lightweight.

Kraken is a powerful special weapon that can easily turn the tide of battle:

  • The Kraken will grant the user instant invincibility for five seconds when activated, making it a useful panic option when you are cornered or otherwise about to get splatted - or even hit by a Disruptor, which in most cases means you are about to get splatted anyway. Kraken will keep you alive in these situations and allow you to either escape or counterattack.[1]
  • Jumping into opponents will splat them in one hit. However, some weapons are difficult to engage head-on as their quick fire rate will push you back.
  • Keep in mind that Krakens can not go over grates - on some maps, attempting to go over a grate while in Kraken form will lead to you splatting yourself by falling off the map.
  • It is possible to use Kraken while riding the Tower in Tower Control to squeeze out a few more points. However, you may get knocked off if the opponent shoots from the right angle.
  • When Kraken expires, you cannot move for a brief period of time - around 0.75 seconds. Either escape to a safe area before the special ends, or find a way to quickly finish off nearby opponents.
  • Super Jumping to a teammate in trouble and activating Kraken can be a funny way to assist them or otherwise get a revenge splat. This is particularly effective when you have Stealth Jump equipped.[1]


While a powerful special that can favor its user, Kraken may not benefit a team as much if multiple teammates have Kraken for a few reasons:

  • Kraken cannot inflict damage on longer ranged opponents, such as a Killer Wail or Inkstrike can.
  • Kraken are inefficient at turfing due leaving only a thin trail of ink, meaning the user will have a harder time taking back turf.


  • Be mindful of both when the opponent has a Kraken ready and when it is used:
    • Sometimes it may be preferable to force out a Kraken from a Aerospray PG user early, so that when you fight them they do not have a Kraken at their disposal to quickly reverse the situation.
    • Some weapons with a high fire rate can attempt to "tame" the Kraken by repeatedly attacking it when it rushes at you, keeping it at bay.
    • Standing on a grate will protect you from a Kraken, but make sure to stay far enough away that the Kraken cannot simply jump at you to splat you if there is solid ground underneath the grate.

Gear abilities

Gear abilities provide different effects in battle that benefit the player with their equipped weapon. This is a guide to gear abilities in relation to the weapon. Strategy, synergy, viability, and purpose may be written here.

Damage Up

While Damage Up does not do much for your main weapon, it increases the direct damage and splash damage of Burst Bombs, making it a useful to spam and to combo with the Aerospray PG.

Ink Saver (Sub)

The Ink Saver (Sub) ability decreases the ink usage of sub weapons by up to 75% of their normal usage. This is very useful when using Burst Bombs, and 2 or more mains of Ink Saver (Sub) allows you to throw 3 Burst Bombs consecutively.

Special Saver

Special Saver helps ease the Aerospray PG's Medium depletion, allowing for more Krakens throughout the match. This is especially important if you find yourself being splatted often, particularly in hectic Ranked modes like Tower Control.

Swim Speed Up

Swim Speed Up buffs the Aerospray PG by both improving its mobility (which is needed due to its poor range) and the Kraken. Since the Aerospray is outranged and outclassed by many weapons, Swim Speed Up helps for quick getaways and repositioning in sticky situations.

Splatoon 2

Aerospray PG

Aerospray PG

Abbreviations Aero, PG
Sub Burst Bomb
Special Booyah Bomb
Base damage 24
Base duration
Ink consumption 0.55%
Special points 190p
Special depletion
Role Support
Strengths Turfing, mobility, ink efficiency, Booyah Bomb farming
Weaknesses Weak in most one-on-one encounters due to poor accuracy and short range, less ink tank capacity and less versatile sub weapon than the Splattershot Jr.

Like the other variants of the Aerospray MG and Splattershot Jr., the Aerospray PG is a short-ranged weapon designed for rapid turfing and quick buildup of its special gauge. However, it lacks a lethal bomb and the larger ink tank that the Splattershot Jr. has, meaning that is has a more specialized role.


Like the Splattershot Jr., the Aerospray PG is a support weapon:

  • It has an even wider shot spread and faster firing rate than the Splattershot Jr., enabling it to turf large areas in a short amount of time, which helps either gain or maintain map control, capture zones in Splat Zones, and build up Booyah Bomb very quickly.
  • The rapid firing rate and turfing of the Aerospray PG are offset by its very low damage (24 HP – the weakest in Splatoon 2), short range (103.89 DU[2] – equal to that of the Splattershot Jr.), and poor accuracy, which make it a poor main weapon for confronting most opponents head-on.
    • While still capable of splatting opponents within its short range, playing too aggressively risks depriving the user's team of both map control and Booyah Bombs.
    • Otherwise, if a certain matchup is disadvantageous, disengage by throwing a Burst Bomb or two behind whenever possible and Super Jumping back to the Spawn point if necessary.
  • Compared to the Splattershot Jr., the Aerospray PG has both a smaller ink tank and no lethal bombs with which to completely deny space during the neutral phase. If engaged in a one-on-one against an opposing Splattershot Jr., try to splat them quickly, as the Splattershot Jr.'s more damaging bombs and larger ink tank capacity will likely be too much to contend with in a long, protracted slugfest.

To compensate for its short range, the Aerospray PG relies heavily on its Burst Bombs:

  • The quick explosion of ink will instantly turf inkable surfaces, permitting either a fast pursuit of an opponent or a rapid retreat from an unfavorable situation.
  • Their quick damage makes them suitable for either leading off attacks or finishing off injured opponents who attempt to flee.
  • Opponents hit by Burst Bombs will be surrounded by your team's ink, further crippling their health and mobility.
  • Direct hits will inflict 60 HP of damage, while splash damage will only deliver 25-35 HP. Always go for direct hits whenever possible.

The Booyah Bomb can either turn the tide of a battle or fully tilt it in the team's favor, but only if used properly.

  • In general, activate the Booyah Bomb in a relatively safe place, as even a Splattershot Jr. within range can break the Booyah Bomb armor.
  • The Booyah Bomb can force opponents – particularly anchors – to move out of position or delay an opponent's offensive push.
  • The explosion of the Booyah Bomb places enough ink to uncap most Splat Zones and single-handedly capture some smaller Splat Zones.
  • A well-aimed Booyah Bomb can also clear the Tower of opponents or splat an opposing Rainmaker carrier, which can close out the end of a game.
  • Unlike Splashdown, a Booyah Bomb cannot repel incoming fire from the opponent. However, it can still negate opponents' bombs; destroy opponents' brella shields, Splash Walls, Ballers, and bubbles; and clear out an area of opponents, whether forcing them to flee or splatting them outright.

The Aerospray PG's rapid turfing, quick special gauge building, and Booyah Bomb make it specialized for Splat Zones on stages (maps) with a single zone that is neither too large nor occupied by a large structure (such as the display case in Inkblot Art Academy). A good example of this is Humpback Pump Track.

  • The Aerospray PG user's role is to farm Booyah Bomb and be ready to use it for various purposes:
    • Either capturing or contesting a zone held by the opposing team.
    • Maintaining possession of the zone by negating the opponents' special weapons, such as Baller and Bomb Launcher.
    • Maintaining a lockout of the opposing team by impeding the opponents' movement.
    • Breaking out of an opponent's lockout by attacking key positions, such as where an opposing charger user has planted themselves.
  • Often, a Booyah Bomb will not be enough to fully capture a zone. Coordinating with teammates and their specials, such as Bomb Launcher and Baller, can better ensure capturing a zone.


Like the Splattershot Jr., the Aerospray PG excels at turfing and building up its special but is short-ranged and weak in direct combat. Therefore, it is recommended that its teammates have weapons that are capable of confronting opponents either head-on or from a distance.

  • Turfing while following a teammate builds up Booyah Bomb and provides friendly turf to which a teammate can retreat whenever needed. This is particularly helpful for slayer teammates whose weapons are poor at turfing, such as a Splattershot Pro or a blaster.
  • Cooperate with the teammate using primarily Burst Bombs when engaging an opponent: attack from different angles, or force the opponent to come within range of the teammate's weapon.
  • If your teammate gets splatted and the opponent(s) is/are still present, then consider retreating instead of risking getting splatted and losing Booyah Bomb progress.

While Burst Bombs combo well with the Aerospray PG, they lack certain advantages offered by lethal bombs — particularly either Splat or Suction Bombs, which provide their user's team a couple advantages over another team that has no lethal bombs in its composition:

  • Their one-hit-splat offers its user's team chances of instantly gaining a numbers advantage, from which a game-winning push can arise.
  • Their lethal explosion provides space for its user's team to either push into an area held by the opponent or stall an opponent's push.

The Booyah Bomb is a unique special weapon that enables its user's teammates to directly assist in powering it up. However, some considerations need to be taken regarding this trait:

  • If you are advanced into the opponents' territory or are either flanking or sharking, refrain from charging a teammate's Booyah Bomb to avoid exposing your position to the opponent.
  • It is also generally advised to refrain from charging a teammate's Booyah Bomb while in the middle of a confrontation with an opponent.


  • The Aerospray PG is generally a poor main weapon for splatting, so almost any weapon with longer range, better accuracy, or higher damage can defeat it in a one-on-one with relative ease. However, the Aerospray PG can still fight back with Burst Bombs.
  • An Aerospray PG will most likely stay nearby a teammate armed with a more formidable weapon; that opponent is usually the higher priority. Either find a teammate to assist or try to lure the Aerospray PG's teammate to stray too far from them to receive assistance.
  • Regularly watch the HUD to know when an opposing Aerospray PG's Booyah Bomb is fully charged, and both watch and listen for when it is activated.
    • If an opponent activates a Booyah Bomb in an unsafe position, try attacking them, particularly with bombs and chargers.
    • Tenta Missiles can splat a Booyah Bomb user in three direct hits.
    • A Splashdown within range can severely damage Booyah Bomb armor if not destroy it outright.
    • While an opponent charges a Booyah Bomb, any of their teammates – whether active or splatted – who help in powering up the special might expose their positions. Use this opportunity to locate, call out, and – if possible – splat any active opponents who are powering up their teammate's Booyah Bomb.
    • If an opponent armed with an Aerospray PG keeps spamming Booyah Bomb, one countermeasure is to continually splat – or at least pressure – this particular opponent. A charger user can prioritize said opponent when sniping, or a slayer can attempt to pick off an unaccompanied Aerospray PG.

Gear abilities

Gear abilities provide different effects in battle that benefit the player with their equipped weapon. This is a guide to gear abilities in relation to the weapon. Strategy, synergy, viability, and purpose may be written here.

Ink Saver (Sub)

Ink Saver (Sub) allows more frequent use of Burst Bombs and saves ink for the main weapon after each Burst Bomb used. An Aerospray PG user depends on their Burst Bombs on both offense and defense to compensate for the main weapon's short range and low damage, so having the ability to more frequently use Burst Bombs is often valuable.

  • 16 ability points – one main and two subs – reduce the ink consumption per Burst Bomb from 40% of the ink tank to 36.33%.
Main Power Up

Main Power Up increases the ink coverage of the Aerospray PG by up to 16.7%.

Quick Super Jump

Quick Super Jump decreases both the "charge" time before and the travel time of a Super Jump. An Aerospray PG player will be outmatched by most opponents, and Quick Super Jump can help them escape unfavorable situations more quickly, which avoids getting splatted, maintains a presence on the stage, and preserves precious special gauge progress.

  • One sub, or 3 ability points, of Quick Super Jump decreases the "charge" time by 22 frames, or 0.36 seconds.[3]
Special Charge Up

Special Charge Up accelerates building up the special gauge for Booyah Bomb. In order for an Aerospray PG user to have Booyah Bomb more readily available to either capture or maintain a zone, it pays to devote some ability points to Special Charge Up.

  • Just 10 ability points – one main – are enough to reduce the special gauge requirement to below 175p.[3]
  • 20 ability points – two mains – are enough to reduce the special gauge requirement to below 164p.[3]
Special Saver

When splatted, half of the special gauge progress is lost. For example, a player with 160p of special gauge out of 190p upon getting splatted will lose 80p of the special gauge. Special Saver allows its user to keep more of their special gauge progress whenever they are splatted. This allows an Aerospray PG user to more quickly build up Booyah Bomb after respawning.

  • 6 ability points – two subs – are enough to increase the amount of special gauge progress saved from 50% to 64.6%.[3]
Swim Speed Up

As a short-ranged weapon, the Aerospray PG can benefit if it is able to swim faster. Swim Speed Up enables its user to more quickly close the distance towards an opponent, more quickly respond to an opponents' push, or – most importantly for the Aerospray PG user –escape unfavorable situations.

  • 16 ability points – one main and two subs – increase the swim speed from 2.02 to 2.19 units per frame.[3]