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For information about Wave Breaker, see Wave Breaker.

Splatoon 3

Wave Breaker

Wave Breaker

Base damage 45 (waves)
30 per half second (device)
Base duration Wave: 6 sec Track: 7 sec
Ink consumption
Special points
Special depletion
Strengths Long reach, good durability, can go through the Big Bubbler's barrier, can track opponents, forces opponents to jump out of ink.
Weaknesses Can be avoided by jumping over the shockwaves, can be broken, elevation of the the Wave Breaker affects what terrain the shockwaves can reach

The Wave Breaker is an area denial and support special, one that focuses on removing opponents from hiding spots, contested areas, or perches, forcing them out to be more easily picked off. A weapon mainly found on the kits of back-liner or anchor weapons such as the Dualie Squelchers or Heavy Splatling, it serves as a way to complement their innate excellent range.


The Wave Breaker is a special weapon that makes damaging shockwaves when deployed on a surface.

  • It is thrown like the Ink Storm and creates waves every 2.5 seconds, self destructing after releasing 3 waves:
    • The waves travel downwards from where the Wave Breaker was deployed, crawling over some elevated pieces of terrain in the way.
    • Moving platforms, such as those in Museum d'Alfonsino or the Tower, can crush the Wave Breaker upon contact.
    • The Wave Breaker itself has its own health pool, and can damage opponents that are directly touching it, dealing 30 damage every 0.5 seconds.
    • Each wave can only damage an opponent once.
  • Using the Wave Breaker in the right conditions can help turn the tide of a firefight:
    • Wave Breaker waves travel over the Tower in Tower Control, allowing the user to easily force off opponents.
    • Throwing a Wave Breaker near, in, or above a Splat Zone can help flush out opponents by causing them to move out or risk being tracked and picked off by teammates.
    • Throwing a Wave Breaker in an area with a large amount of clams in Clam Blitz can keep opponents from getting in as easily, allowing teammates to collect the clams uninterrupted.
    • Similar to Torpedoes, you can throw Wave Breakers near enemy ink in a contested area. This forces sharking skirmishers to either move or lose the element of surprise.
  • From Version 6.1.0 and onwards, it can also act as a Point Sensor when placed down.[1]
    • The radius is about 66% of the full Wave Breaker radius, which is about a 20 unit sphere.
    • This Point Sensor effect only lasts 1.5 seconds.
    • This effect can be used to tell where skirmishers are as soon as it is thrown.


  • The Wave Breaker is found on long ranged weapons such as the E-liter 4K or Heavy Splatling, and mostly serves a way to round out their capabilities:
    • Since the E-Liter 4K is typically placed upon a perch in the back lines, it can easily throw in a Wave Breaker and scatter opponents in a crowded area.
    • The Heavy Splatling can benefit from the Wave Breaker's 45 damage to decrease its shots to kill, making its kill time shorter.
    • The Range Blaster benefits from the Wave Breaker's area denial capabilities: making an area dangerous to enter means less space for the enemies to maneuver, which in turn gives them less room to avoid the blasts from the user's shots.
  • On shorter ranged weapons, such as the Custom Splattershot Jr. or Dualie Squelchers, the Wave Breaker is used as a way to extend their degree of control over the battlefield:
    • The Custom Splattershot Jr. can use the waves of the Wave Breaker to supplement its increased ink tank, and by extension, the amount of Torpedoes it can throw. Use the Torpedoes to give chase to enemies that have been forced away by the Wave Breaker.


  • Though a Wave Breaker exerts a great deal of control over the playing field, tracking whoever it hits and dealing damage over a wide area, its power can very easily be curbed:
    • Hitting the Wave Breaker itself can potentially reduce the amount of waves it sends out. A rapid firing weapon such as the Splash-o-Matic can usually deal enough damage to destroy the device before it can send out 3 waves, cutting it down to 2.
    • The waves only travel along terrain: a short hop is enough to avoid them. Additionally, they can't travel over grates; thus, standing on a grate can also keep them from hitting you.
    • The waves also don't leave any ink behind, meaning they can't slow you down, only force you to change paths.