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This article discusses content that is not part of the official Splatoon series canon but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.

For information about the Bomb Launcher, see Bomb Launcher.

Splatoon 2

Bomb Launcher

Bomb Launcher

Bomb Rush
Base damage Varies depending on bombs used
Duration: 6 s for others,
6.66 s for Curling Bombs
Ink consumption
Special points
Special depletion
Strengths Area denial, can initiate or stall pushes, better turfing than Ink Storm[1]
Weaknesses Vulnerable while launching bombs

Bomb Launcher is the Splatoon 2 successor to Bomb Rush from Splatoon. Included in the kit of over a dozen weapons of all main roles (slayer, support, and anchor), it fulfills similar functions to those of Bomb Rush – namely, providing space to either push into highly contested areas or delay an opponents' push, all while turfing territory – and also has some useful nuances that were absent in the previous game. However, it also shares its weaknesses as well.


The Bomb Launcher is primarily used to either contest a Splat Zone or other important area of the stage or repel an opposing push into said area.

  • In Splatoon 2, the bomb used by each specific Bomb Launcher is independent of the sub weapon included in the kit, permitting a wider variety of sub weapon and Bomb Launcher combinations. However, once Bomb Launcher is activated, the sub weapon is disabled during the duration of the special weapon and for one second after Bomb Launcher is finished.
    • The one second delay after Bomb Launcher is completed is intended to prevent its user from accidentally using an unneeded sub weapon (and wasting ink).
    • The sub weapon can be used before activating Bomb Launcher. This is particularly useful for kits that include Splash Wall, such as the Firefin Splat Charger.
  • Using any Bomb Launcher too close to an opponent will leave its user vulnerable to attack, so activate it outside the range of the opponent.
  • Upon activating Bomb Launcher, press Button1 R.png to launch a bomb specified by the special weapon. Repeatedly press Button1 R.png to constantly launch bombs.
    • New to Splatoon 2 is the ability to increase the launch speed and, thus, the distance each bomb travels by holding Button1 R.png before releasing to charge up the launch of a bomb. Keep in mind that charging bombs will reduce the amount that can be launched during the duration of the special.
    • The speed at which bombs are launched is no longer dependent on the amount of Sub Power Up equipped, freeing a Bomb Launcher user to devote their gear slots to other abilities.
    • Do not forget that the main weapon may still be used during the duration of the special in case an opponent does get close. Not only is this a useful self-defense tactic, it is also a practical means for some main weapons, especially the Soda Slosher, to combo off of the special weapon.[1]
  • Bomb Launcher can also be used to either secure control of or prevent the opposing team from gaining control of the objective, such as the Tower or the Rainmaker. This includes either popping or preventing the opponents from popping the Rainmaker shield.
  • While most Bomb Launcher variants can be used in a similar fashion, note the nuances among them:
    • The Splat Bomb Launcher's bombs detonate more quickly than those of the Suction Bomb Launcher, but Suction Bombs have a larger explosion and turfing radius.[1]
    • The Burst Bomb Launcher's bombs detonate upon contact with surfaces, objects, opponents, and teammates and are quicker to launch, permitting more to be thrown. However, they inflict less damage and have a smaller turfing radius than Splat Bombs.
    • The Curling Bomb Launcher has potentially the best turfing ability of all of the Bomb Launcher variants, especially if there are wall off which the Curling Bombs can ricochet. It also benefits more greatly if the bombs are charged, increasing their speed and explosion radius. However, certain areas that are either too open or have spots where the bombs can slide off reduce the effectiveness of the Curling Bomb Launcher.[1]
    • The Autobomb Launcher is less reliable in turfing ground, due to both the bombs' smaller explosion radius and their tendency to chase nearby opponents and stack up with each other. This Bomb Launcher variant can still be intimidating to face for an opponent trying to fight their way back to a highly contested area, and it is the only variant that can detect opponents who may be sharking.[1]
  • Launched bombs can damage or destroy an opponent's brella shield, Splash Wall, or Baller or the Rainmaker shield, while detonating on contact.
    • Any opponents caught within a bomb's explosion will get damaged or splatted .[2]
    • It will also inflate or pop a teammate's bubbles but deflate or diffuse an opponent's bubbles, while still detonating on contact.[3]
  • An opponent's Splashdown or Booyah Bomb will defuse any bombs it comes in contact with, so hold off on activating Bomb Launcher until after the opponent's special weapon finishes whenever possible.


Most variants of the Bomb Launcher are very effective at contesting territory, such as Splat Zones. However, they are not as reliable at splatting opponents who actively avoid the bombs. A Bomb Launcher user who attempts to pursue certain opponents further risk getting splatted themselves. Therefore, it is advised to have other special weapons available to complement Bomb Launcher, as having too many users of any Bomb Launcher variant (no more than two) in a team composition will limit a team's arsenal of weapons:[4]

  • Other than the launched bombs, a Bomb Launcher user has no means of protection and is particularly vulnerable to long-ranged fire.
  • Other special weapons, such as Inkjet or Sting Ray, are intended for splatting opponents and more capable at this than is a Bomb Launcher.

Coordinating with your teammates can greatly increase the Bomb Launcher's effect during a battle:

  • Ink Armor can increase the survivability of a Bomb Launcher user, freeing them to push the opponents further back. If a teammate has a weapon that can farm Ink Armor, it might pay off to wait until they activate it.
  • Remaining behind a teammate with an active protective special weapon, such as Baller or Bubble Blower, can also give a Bomb Launcher user room to operate.
  • Pushing forward with Bomb Launcher while a teammate is using a special designed to splat opponents, such as Sting Ray or Inkjet, can limit the opponents' escape options and even prevent them from Super Jumping to safety.


  • While the lethal damage of any lethal bomb can only be avoided by dodging, its splash damage can be reduced by equipping Bomb Defense Up DX. Just three ability points, or one sub, offer good utility against most bombs:[5][6][7]
    • A player who has taken at least 30 HP of damage from the opponent (thus, has no more than 70 HP) will be visible on the opponents' map. Bomb Defense Up DX prevents its user from being exposed by the splash damage of a single bomb.
    • Ink Armor will not break due to splash damage from a single bomb whose splash damage normally inflicts 30 HP of damage.[5] With Ink Armor still intact, its wearer will only suffer a maximum of 80 HP of damage from a single hit, allowing them to withstand a single powerful attack, such as that from a Splat Charger.
  • If you have a close-ranged weapon and happen to get close to an opposing Bomb Launcher user, then take them out quickly to interrupt the special.
  • Long-ranged weapons, such as chargers can pick off opposing Bomb Launcher users who recklessly come within range.
  • Be aware of your opponents' locations before using a brella shield, Splash Wall, Baller, or Bubble Blower, as an opponent's bombs will detonate upon impact with any of these, potentially splatting you or your teammates if caught within their radius.
  • Certain special weapons, such as Splashdown and Booyah Bomb, can negate the opponents' bombs if timed properly.
  • A counter Bomb Launcher can nullify the effects of the opponent's Bomb Launcher, preventing its user's team from either capping a zone or continuing a push.


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