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This page involves something that has not been specifically named. The name(s) presented in this article are purely conjectural.

Map of the Shooting Range as viewed on the Wii U GamePad

The Shooting Range is a location in Booyah Base through Ammo Knights that Inklings can use to test weapons. Players can access this area by pressing Button1 Y.png from the Equipment screen or at Ammo Knights.


The stage is made up of two target ranges: one immediately in front of the player from the start, and one up the ramp to their left. To the player's right is a door back into Ammo Knights, though it cannot be interacted with and is just for show. Next to the door are some boxes stacked up, with an unknown weapon leaning against them. This weapon is also seen in concept art of Sheldon.

The first area has three squid-shaped test dummies. Damaging them causes the amount of damage done to appear above them. They are destroyed after taking 100 points of damage, but if they take damage without being destroyed, they will heal in the same amount of time it takes players to heal in a multiplayer battle. The first area also features a series of dashed white lines on the ground to help players gauge the range of their weapons, as well as four grates on the walls that can be climbed to to test Chargers or other weapons. They also help the player determine their weapon's ability to Ink vertical surfaces quickly, as some are better at it than others.

The second area features nine dummies. Three of them are regular enemies, three have one, two or three Defense Up abilitys respectively, as indicated on their front, and the back three are larger and much more durable, taking 500 points of damage to destroy. On the right wall is a basketball hoop.

All ground and walls are ink-able.


The area is in the middle of Inkopolis, surrounded by concrete city buildings and structures.

During a Splatfest, the Squid Sisters' song City of Color can be heard in the distance, with the music fading more the left the player goes; also, the testing dummies are lit, glowing and fading in time to the music.

There is a non-climbable ledge surrounding the area preventing players from climbing out of it, though by placing a Squid Beakon and Super Jumping to it, the surrounding area can be briefly seen. This includes Inkopolis Tower in the distance, with the Great Zapfish curled around it.

Much of the stage is covered in graffiti and advertisements, as with most of the Splatoon world. However, unlike multiplayer matches or at Booyah Base, there are no Miiverse Graffiti posts.

An Inkling scoring a hoop with a Splat Bomb.


On the GamePad shows a map of the Shooting Range and all the ink on it. Tapping on a Squid Beakon will Super Jump to it, like in online battles. There is a reset button, which will remove all ink and will send the player back to where they started when pressed. There is also a control button, in which the player can change:

  • Camera Sensitivity from -5 to +5. This changes how much the camera moves in response to movement of the Wiiu-gamepad-icon.png.
  • Button1 RS.png Y-axis/Y Axis (Normal or Inverted(NA)/Reverse(EU/OC)). This changes inversion controls on the Y Axis. This is disabled when motion controls are set to ON.
  • Button1 RS.png X-axis/X Axis (Normal or Inverted(NA)/Reverse(EU/OC)). This changes inversion controls on the X Axis.
  • Motion Controls (ON or OFF). This enables or disables the camera control by moving the Wiiu-gamepad-icon.png.

Easter Egg

The stage features an easter egg: if the player tosses a Splat Bomb through the basketball hoop in the second area, the hoop will produce a sparkly green effect and the player's Inkling will say a celebration. Splat Bombs are the only Sub Weapon that can be used for this, as they are the only ones that that will not simply stick to the hoop or explode against it.

In Splatoon 2, the player's Inkling will cheer when he or she splat the 3 moving targets at the same time with the Splashdown Special, the Baller Special or a single Charger shot.


  • Following calculations from [1], at 243p for 2%, and 239p for 1.9%, the total stage area is 12364.5p. This surpasses the largest map, Piranha Pit, by about 4 times. However, this calculation would also include the inaccessible background, including Inkopolis Plaza.
  • Aceesing the Shooting Range through the equipment screen only allows the player to test owned weapons, while accessing it through Ammo Knights allows the player to try out all available multiplayer weapons, except for ones unlocked by Sunken Scrolls in Octo Valley. They can only be tested out once Agent 3 has defeated the boss and got the scroll in a boss mission.