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The Shooting Ranges are two locations - one in Splatoon and the other in Splatoon 2.


The Shooting Range is meant for testing of various weapons and abilities, by providing exact measurements that are not available in normal conditions. It contains squid-shaped target dummies, known as Squid Bumpers, that display exact damage amounts when hit, lines of the floor for distance measurements, etc.

In both games, it can be accessed through Ammo Knights or through the equipment screen, by choosing the "Test" option, namely pressing Button1 Y.png. If the shooting range is accessed from Ammo Knights, all weapons unlocked by the player are available (via leveling, or in Splatoon, via Sunken Scrolls). When accessing from the equipment menu, only the weapons already bought by the player will be available.


Map of the Splatoon Shooting Range as viewed on Wiiu-gamepad-icon.png.


The stage is made up of two target ranges: one immediately in front of the player from the start, and one up the ramp to their left. To the player's right is a door back into Ammo Knights, though it cannot be interacted with and is just for show. Next to the door are some boxes stacked up, with an unknown weapon leaning against them. This weapon is also seen in the concept art of Sheldon.

The first area has three Squid Bumpers. Damaging them causes the amount of damage done to appear above them. They are destroyed after taking 100 points of damage, but if they take damage without being destroyed, they will heal in the same amount of time it takes players to heal in a multiplayer battle. The first area also features a series of dashed white lines on the ground to help players gauge the range of their weapons, as well as four grates on the walls that can be climbed to test chargers or other weapons. They also help the player determine their weapon's ability to ink vertical surfaces quickly, as some are better at it than others.

The second area features nine bumpers. Three of them are regular enemies, three have one, two or three Defense Up abilities respectively, as indicated on their front, and the back three are larger and much more durable, taking 500 points of damage to destroy. On the right wall is a basketball hoop.

All ground and walls are inkable.


The area is in the middle of Inkopolis, surrounded by concrete city buildings and structures.

During a Splatfest, the Squid Sisters' song City of Color could be heard in the distance, with the music fading out the further left the player went. Also, the bumpers were lit, glowing and fading in time to the music.

There is a non-climbable ledge surrounding the area preventing players from climbing out of it, though by placing a Squid Beakon and Super Jumping to it, the surrounding area can be briefly seen. This includes Inkopolis Tower in the distance, with the Great Zapfish curled around it.

Much of the stage is covered in graffiti and advertisements, as with most of the Splatoon world. However, unlike multiplayer matches or at Booyah Base, there are no Miiverse graffiti posts.

The entrance to Ammo Knights itself is also visible from the Shooting Range; there is a door with two flickering signs above and beside it, along with boxes and what appears to be an early version of a Splat Charger.

An Inkling scoring a hoop with a Splat Bomb.


On Wiiu-gamepad-icon.png is a map of the Shooting Range and all the ink on it. Tapping on a Squid Beakon will Super Jump to it, like in online battles. There is a reset button, which removes all ink and sends the player back to where they started when pressed. There is also a control button, in which the player can change:

  • Camera Sensitivity from -5 to +5. This changes how much the camera moves in response to movement of the Wiiu-gamepad-icon.png.
  • Button1 RS.png Y-axis/Y Axis (Normal or Inverted(NA)[a]/Reverse(EU/OC)[b]). This changes inversion controls on the Y-axis. This is disabled when motion controls are set to ON.
  • Button1 RS.png X-axis/X Axis (Normal or Inverted(NA)[a]/Reverse(EU/OC)[b]). This changes inversion controls on the X-axis.
  • Motion Controls (ON or OFF). This enables or disables the camera control by moving Wiiu-gamepad-icon.png.

Easter egg

The stage features an Easter egg: if the player tosses a Splat Bomb through the basketball hoop in the second area, the hoop will produce a sparkly green effect and the player's Inkling will say one of the "Booyah!" sound clips. Splat Bombs are the only sub weapon that can be used for this, as they are the only ones that that will not simply stick to the hoop or explode against it.


  • Following calculations from YouTube,[1] at 243p for 2%, and 239p for 1.9%, the total stage area is 12364.5p. This surpasses the largest stage, Piranha Pit, by about four times. However, this calculation would also include the inaccessible background, including Inkopolis Plaza.


Splatoon 2


Map of the Splatoon 2 Shooting Range.

The Shooting Range is composed of two rooms connected by a short hallway. The entire range is marked with eleven dashed lines (dividing it into ten equal lengths) going left to right, the farthest being at the back wall and the closest at the front wall. It is indoors, though skylights allow sunlight in. Super Jumping inside reveals it is situated near a road in a suburban area.

The right room has a ramp leading up to a grate circling its back and side walls, and the left room has a small rise in its front-center with a grate attached to it as well. It contains five static target Squid Bumpers: three on the floor at various distances from the wall, another on the grate at the back-right corner, and the fifth on the front edge of the grate on the left wall. These target bumpers are colored to match the enemy ink color from the player's current color set.

The left room is slightly shorter and wider and has three bumpers moving laterally along paths marked on the floor. The front-most bumper moves at the slowest pace (taking eight seconds from one end of the path to the other), the middle one moves about twice as fast, and the farthest one moves about three times as fast. These bumper are colored to match the neutral ink color from the player's current color set.

The player starts in the front of the right room and returns there whenever the Shooting Range is reset.

Inaccessible Room

To the left of the spawn point, there is an inaccessible room with a dark grey nonfunctional door and a long window. Judging by the contents of the room, it is Sheldon's workshop. Inside the room is a pair of tables with green grids on them, an unknown light source, a staircase that presumably leads to Ammo Knights, and multiple smaller objects. These objects include five cardboard boxes, four purple suction bombs (two of which are stuck on walls), a tan pegboard with multiple tools on it, two Splatoon 1 Splat Rollers, two E-liter 3Ks (one partially disassembled), an empty Splat Bomb canister, a Slosher, a pair of wingtips similar to the Smoky Wingtips but purple, and small unlit light fixture.

Easter egg

The player's character will cheer when they splat the three moving targets at the same time with the same attack. This is most easily done using the Baller or Splashdown special weapons, or with a single charger shot (using a fully-charged shot's ability to pierce targets).


  • If accessed immediately after playing Salmon Run, neither set of Squid Bumpers will have the Salmonid's signature green color. Instead, they have dark purple (right room) and dark brown (left room) colors.
    • Similarly, if accessed immediately after visiting Octo Canyon, neither set of Squid Bumpers will have the Octarian's signature purple color. Instead, they have yellow (right room) and blue (left room) colors.
  • It is possible to use the Inkjet to get on to the rafters along the back wall. Fly up to just below the rafter, press Button1 B.png and Button1 Plus.png at the same time, and switch to a non-Inkjet weapon. This is not possible with the Splashdown or Booyah Bomb, despite those specials also rising the player into the air.
  • A logo on the wall is the same one on the fully upgraded Hero Shot and its replica.
  • A few traffic cones are laying around the shooting range that remain still until the player shoots ink at them or bumps into them. The player can interact with the cones and move them around.
  • Some gear items lay around the top area, such as a hat resembling the Hickory Work Cap, and two pairs of shoes resembling the Purple Sea Slugs and Punk Cherries, although with a different color.



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