Custom Splattershot Jr.

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Custom Splattershot Jr.
Custom Splattershot Jr. HQ.png
Type Main, Shooter
Level Unlocked 2 (Requires The Mighty Octostomp! Sunken Scroll)
Base Damage 28
32 / 100
27 / 100
Fire Rate
75 / 100
Sub Weapon Weapon Sub Disruptor.png Disruptor
Special Weapon Weapon Special Echolocator.png Echolocator
Special Depletion Specdep icon.png Light

The Custom Splattershot Jr. is a Shooter in Splatoon and the first weapon unlocked using a Sunken Scroll from Octo Valley. It is an alternate version of the Splattershot Jr., with Disruptors and the Echolocator for a more strategic play style.


The Custom Splattershot Jr. is ideal for covering large territories with ink quickly. Its low accuracy provides a wider spread of ink while moving, and its low damage means it uses less ink per shot, allowing for more shots per tank of ink. It is in a set with the Disruptor and Echolocator, making the Custom Splattershot Jr. an ideal support weapon.

A new build of the Splattershot Jr., built by Sheldon after being inspired by some odd fluid he found stuck to the blueprints. Throw Disruptors at your opponents to slow them down.
— In-Game Description
Sheldon's Introduction
I took my inspiration for this weapon from a strange liquid that was stuck to my grandpappy's blueprints!

Its main weapon is just like the Splattershot Jr., but this one lets you weaken your foes with Disruptors!
It also comes with with an Echolocator, so rally your team behind you and charge into the fray!



The Custom Splattershot Jr. is an all-around team support weapon. Disruptor might give the weapon enough utility to lose Ninja Squid and replace it with Ink Saver Sub or Special Charge Up- but those abilities should only be considered for someone who's willing to sit back and accept a pure support role over a hybrid one.
— Splatoon Prima Guide


Version history


  • Special gauge loss: 50% → as low as 40%


  • The starfish sticker on the side of the Custom Splattershot Jr. is a reference to the Japanese Koreisha mark, a symbol representing elderly or experienced drivers. This is in contrast to the Splattershot Jr.'s association with the Wakaba mark, a symbol for beginners.
  • The Custom Splattershot Jr. is the only weapon with the "custom" prefix not made by the Custom brand. As such, it is the only one with a unique sticker; the rest all have the Custom logo.


Similar weapons

Name Origin

Custom Splattershot Jr. is a combination of Splatter (as well as Splat), Shot and the shortened form of Junior at the end. It also has "Custom" as a prefix to differentiate it from the Splattershot Jr. Despite its name, it isn't part of the Custom brand.

Its japanese name, もみじシューター Momiji Shūtā, means "Maple Shooter". Its name is also a reference to the Koreisha mark (which was originally called "momiji mark"), a symbol for elderly car drivers in Japan. This is in contrast to the Splattershot Jr.'s reference to the Wakaba mark, which is a mark for beginners.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese もみじシューター
momiji shūtā
Maple Shooter. A reference to the Koreisha mark (which was originally called "momiji mark"), in contrast to the Splattershot Jr.'s reference to the Wakaba mark.
FlagQuebec.svg French (NOA) Liquéficateur ultra modifié Modified Ultra Liquificator
FlagFrance.svg French (NOE) Liquidateur Sr. Liquidator Sr.
FlagGermany.svg German Junior-Kleckser Plus Junior Splodger Plus
FlagItaly.svg Italian Sparacolore logo Color Shooter logo
FlagMexico.svg Spanish (NOA) Rociador básico adaptado Adapted Basic Sprayer
FlagSpain.svg Spanish (NOE) Lanzatintas novato B

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