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This page involves something that has not been specifically named. The name(s) presented in this article are purely conjectural.

Gear Icons stickers that appear on weapons
Weapon Maker Logos of "Splat" series, Deco, Neo, Nouveau, Custom and Dolphin

Weapon Brands are the names and logos of the in-game companies that make the weapons in Splatoon. Unlike the Brands for gear, Weapon Brands do not have any influence on abilities.

Brand "Splat".png

"Splat" series

This brand is most likely the first weapon brand a player encounters in Splatoon, since this brand is the maker of the Splattershot Jr., the starting weapon.

More than just providing the starting weapon, the "Splat" Brand is generally aimed towards beginners. Most of their weapons are unlocked early and usually have the first weapon available of the different Main Weapon classifications.

The brand has a very unified look, based on water toy guns. The weapons features bright, plastic colours of light green, dark green and red. The exceptions to this aesthetic are the Splattershot Jr. and Splattershot Pro series, but nonetheless have a clear toy gun inspiration like the rest. Another attribute that the "Splat" weapons share is that most of them features the word "Splat" in one way or another. The conjectural name "Splat" has been assumed from this theme.

In Splatoon 2 the companies designs are now less colourful and more stylised, and instead of preferring bright green colors, they prefer purple, dark green and dark blue/purple colors.

The "Splat" Brand is known for their collaborations with popular gear brands, such as Tentatek and Forge. The alternate sets of their different weapons consists mainly of these collaborations.

List of "Splat" Weapons

"Splat" series of weapons in Splat Zones.

Brand Deco.png

Deco series

The Deco brand focuses on creating weapons with chic, fashionable designs with a slight athletic vibe to them. Their weapons consist mainly of black or grey, with bright colours used as accents. Many of them include various patterns or shapes on them. The Deco weapons are mostly made of either carbon fiber or some high-end quality plastic. Another common characteristic of the Deco weapons are the big water cooler bottles, used as Ink tanks for some of their bigger weapons.

The alternate sets of their Main Weapons have the suffix Deco and are decorated with either patterned rhinestones or yellow arrow stickers.

List of Deco Weapons

Brand "Dolphin".png

"Dolphin" series

The "Dolphin" brand features weapons based on common, water-related household items, such as products for cleaning and gardening.

The alternate sets of their Nozzlenose series have the suffix D and are decorated with a sticker of a dolphin logo. "Dolphin" is a conjectural name assumed from this sticker.

List of "Dolphin" Weapons

S Brand Neo.png

Neo series

The Neo brand weapons are based on utilities. Their Splash-o-matic series is a fusion of a marker and tattoo pen with a steampunk aesthetic, the Luna Blaster series is a hair dryer with a futuristic aesthetic. The Sloshing Machine series is a washing machine with a modern aesthetic.

Outside of their weapon manufacturing, the Neo company are also shown to be a construction company. It has construction sites at various locations in Splatoon. The stage Hammerhead Bridge is one of them and will be the largest bridge in Inkopolis when completed. However, it is implied by Callie and Marie that the construction has been stalling for quite some time, for unknown reasons. The Tutorial Area also has two apartments under construction, both adorn with two signs with the Neo logo and text. The company also carried out the redesign of Urchin Underpass in August 2015.

The alternate sets of their Main Weapons have the word Neo as a suffix or prefix and are decorated with a sticker of their logo. The Sloshing Machine Neo's in-game description describes this sticker as "sweet".

Neo's logo on a notice about Urchin Underpass maintenance for Version 2.0.0.

List of Neo Weapons

Brand Nouveau.png

Nouveau series

The Nouveau brand consists of weapons based on brushes and accompanying art supplies. Their weapons are made almost entirely with light materials, such as plastic or wood, with just some metal pieces holding them together or to grip them with.

Their weapons favors high mobility and easily moving across the map. The Disruptor, on the other hand, focuses on restricting the opponents' movement instead. The Nouveau Main Weapons generally have rather short range in favor for a wider coverage.

The alternate sets of their Main Weapons have the suffix Nouveau and are decorated with a white sticker, with red and black text written in Inkling.

A graphic showing the Nouveau logo on the Disruptor's glass.

List of Nouveau Weapons

Brand Custom.png

Custom series

The Custom brand is home to many of the heavy-hitters in Splatoon. Their Main Weapons boasts impressive range or power, sometimes both. As a downside, most of them also have low Ink efficiency and low mobility.

The Custom brand weapons are in general unlocked late and may take time to master.

The brand features a heavy industrial aesthetic to their weapons, with lots of metal parts, huge tanks, and wiring. Most of their weapons seems to consist of various forged items and tools that have been modified and turned into weapons, such as gas pumps, fire hydrants, loudspeakers etc.

The alternate sets of their Main Weapons have the prefix Custom and are decorated with a sticker of their logo, or a differently colored variant of it.

List of Custom Weapons

Brand Ammo Knights.png

Ammo Knights series

The Ammo Knights brand features the in-house weapons from Sheldon's weapon shop, Ammo Knights. While Sheldon has modified weapons of other brands to create new weapon sets for his shop, the Ammo Knights brand weapons are solely created from the blueprints of his grandfather, Ammoses Shellendorf.

Both of the Ammo Knights series have a very mechanical look to them and are seemingly made entirely out of metal parts. Each weapon has parts that have been spray-painted in either chrome or gold.

The Ammo Knights pattern on a wall at Mahi-Mahi Resort.

List of Ammo Knights Weapons


Cuttlegear series

See also: Cuttlegear

Cuttlegear is a small weapon brand. Their Bamboozlers are modernized versions of the weapons used in the Great Turf War.

Cuttlegear is the only known brand to manufacture both clothing gear and weapons.

The Cuttlegear weapons, like their clothing gear, has a militaristic theme. This can be noted with the naming scheme for their Bamboozler series that is more structured than most of the weapon brands, using version numbers, mark designations and roman numerals.

The alternate logo.

List of Cuttlegear Weapons

Brand Nintendo.png

Nintendo series

The Nintendo weapon brand is an outlier among the weapon brands, since it is the only one that exists in the real world. It only has one series of weapons, the N-Zaps. These are based on the different versions of the NES Zapper.

List of Nintendo Weapons

Brand Sheldon's Picks.png

Sheldon's Picks series

Main article: Sheldon's Picks

The Sheldon's Picks brand is a downloadable brand, that contains variants of preexisting weapons. The main weapon is preexisting, but the Sub and Special weapon are chosen by Sheldon, the shopkeeper of Ammo Knights.

List of Sheldon's Picks Vol. 1 Weapons

List of Sheldon's Picks Vol. 2 Weapons